Kunming Changshui International Airport – Kunming South Railway Station Transportation

Subway, shuttle bus and taxi are available at Kunming Changshui International Airport, which make it easy for passengers to travel between the airport and Kunming South Railway Station. Kunming South Railway Station has been put into use on December 28th, 2016. South Train Station, covering an area of 77 acres (312,836 square meters), serves high speed trains running along Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railway, Nanning-Kunming High Speed Railway, and Trans-Asia Railway, etc. The station is about  25 miles (48 km) from Changshui International Airport.

Kunming Changshui International Airport 昆明长水国际机场
Address: Changshui Village, Guandu District, Kunming(云南省昆明市官渡区长水村)
Tel: 0871-68718718

Kunming South Railway Station昆明南站
Address: Chenggong District, Kunming昆明市呈贡区
How to Get there: Take bus, metro or taxi

Station Plan

  • 3F: waiting hall, boarding gates, service desk, toilets, hot drinking water
  • 2F: platforms, ticket office
  • 1F: arrival hall, exit passage, taxi stands
  • -1F: platforms for subway line 1 and line 4
  • East square: bus stations
  • West square: bus stations, pedestrian plaza, sightseeing area

Kunming Changshui International Airport – Kunming South Railway Station Transportation

By Subway

By Shuttle Bus

  • Airport Express Bus Line 4→No. c85/170
    Duration: 2 hours and 5 minutes; Ticket Fare: CNY 27/person
  • No. 919 Line c1→No. c85
    Duration: 3 hour and 19 minutes; Ticket Fare: CNY 15/person

By Taxi

Passengers can hail taxis to go to Kunming Railway Station area from the airport.  In daytime, the flag-down fare is CNY 8 for the first 3 kilometers and CNY 1.8 per kilometer for the rest of the journey. The flag-down fare at night (22:00-06:00 next day) is CNY 9.6 for the first 3 kilometers and CNY 2.1 per kilometer for the rest of the journey. The taxi fare is about CNY 110 between Kunming Changshui International Airport and Kunming South Railway Station. You can also use some apps to hail a taxi.

1. The above information is for reference, if any change is based on actual information.
2. If you wan to know how to get to Kunming South Railway Station from Kunming Railway Station, please contact us, Email: contact@YunnanExploration.com; Tel: +86-871-63511469.
3. When taking a taxi, passengers should tell the destination clearly, remember the car number, pay according to the taxi meter and keep the bill.
4. Taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up others without passenger’s permission.

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