Modeng Baba (Modeng Cake) in Kunming

Besides Mixian (rice noodle), steamed buns, Ersi (sliced rice cake), there is another local food, which is still very popular on Kunmingers’ dinner table.

With its golden, crispy outer layer and soft texture, milky aroma from inside, Modeng Baba has, since 1930s, been a popular food in Kunming.

You may wonder what’s in its name “Modeng”. Well, it originated from the word “modern”. Kunmingers call cake as “baba”. So “Modeng Baba” first came into being was during 1930s. There was a family shop named Fengzhubing Shop on Fengzhu Street. And the owner’s two daughters (Mo Meizhen and Mo Lizhen) suggested their father to add some butter into the cake instead of salt. Since then, passersby couldn’t resist the cake’s aroma and great taste. And they named the improved cake as “Mozheng Baba” (Mozhen Cake). When the flying tigers came and they accidently took the name of the cake as “Modern Baba”.

Today, in most of the restaurants in Kunming, one can still find the Modeng Baba on the menu.