God Fish Festival in Menglian County: Becoming A National Fishery Cultural Festival

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture published the Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture on Issuing the List of 2017 Accredited Leisure Fishery Brand Creation Entities on its website. In the 2017 Leisure Fishery Brand campaign, totally 25 national famous festivals (exhibitions) were accredited as national demonstration fisheries cultural festival (exhibition) via expert evaluation and network voting, and among them, 2 were from Yunnan province. Of such 2 national demonstration fisheries culture festivals in Yunnan province, The “China • Menglian Nayun God Fish Festival” in Pu’er won the award, becoming a national demonstration fishery culture festival. The valid period started from the issuance date of the notice until December 31, 2020.

To date, “China • Menglian Nayun God Fish Festival” has been successfully held for 14th sessions. During the festival, you can enjoy the lively and busy scene of jumping fish and happy fishermen on the vast river, taste special food with Dai, Lahu and Wa characteristic as well as exotic flavor from Burma and Thailand, experience the original flow of folk customs, watch a dance of all ethnic groups to bring harmony, song and dance, tea and wine, amorous feelings linger.

The “China • Menglian Nayun God Fish Festival” becoming a national demonstration fishery culture festival will further promote the development of Pu’er’s fishery and leisure industry, thus push the development of health caring tourism and leisure vacation industry and promote the development of whole-area tourism.