Habo Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County,Honghe

Keywords: a perfect combination of Hani’s custom, music, dance and rice cultivation culture.
Location: 85 kilometers far from the south of Xinjie town in Yuanyang County, Honghe
Main Attractions: Habo Rice Terraces, Hani Building, Hani Songs and Dances, and Habo Long Street Banquet.
Admission Fee:¥100
Opening Hours: All Day Long
About Habo Rice Terraces Scenic Area

Habo village is built according to the special mountainous terrain, surrounded by the Habo Rice Terraces. The construction there is all featured by the accompaniment with mountain and rivers. Standing on the east of the Village and overlooking, you will enjoy hundreds of terraces climbing up high from the river valley. As the red sun rises slowly from the east, dozens of terraces turn red. The most precipitous and stereoscopic part of Yuanyang Rice Terraces terraces is in full view of your eyes. And the clear distinction between color black and white will show you how magnificent it is. Thus, there is no doubt that Habo Rice Terraces Scenic Spot is the best place to appreciate the sunrise.