Lijiang – Wenhai Lake Transportation

Being around 35 kilometers from the Lijiang City (Gucheng District) (丽江-古城区), Wenhai Lake(文海)is known for its marvelous plateau water scenery. It is also one of the most famous scenic areas in Yunnan.

How to Travel to Wenhai Lake from Lijiang

However, as the public transportation to Wenhai Lake(文海) is not consummate, the few available options will be listed as follows for your reference:

1. By Short-Distance Coach

To get to Wenhai Lake (文海)from Lijiang(丽江), you will have to transfer to local coach in the city. Please contact us for detailed schedule and ticket price. We will then arrange worry-free transportation services for you.

2. By Taxi

According to the Chinese Uber, Didi, the taxi fare between thee two locations will be around CNY 95, and the expected time of arrival will be approximately 1 hr 15 mins.
Please also be absolutely sure that you should reach a deal with the driver at all times before departure.
By the way, we also provide worry-free private transportation services for you.

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