He Xun – Well-known Ceremony Master of  Naxi Folk Ritual Activities in Yulong County, Lijiang

Personal Profile

He Xun, male, Naxi nationality. Born in 1926,  Yilong Village Committee(依陇村委会), Tacheng and Rural Areas(塔城乡), Yulong Naxi Autonomous County(玉龙纳西族自治县), Lijiang City. He is a prestigious Dongba (priest) who is a well-known host of civic etiquette activities in Lijiang.

He Xun and Naxi Folk Ritual Activities

He Xun was born in Dongba family. At the age of 6, he followed his father and Erda Dongba (尔大东巴)(Dongba is called Dongsha) to learn Dongba characters, Dongba paintings and rituals. He also learned how to make masks, cards, paper-cut and paper-tie. After passing the test of “Juzhan” (汁沾)ceremony, he became the sixth generation of Dongba in summer village and family name when he was young, and Dongba was named “Wenzhiwa”(温之娃).


He Xun knows a lot of Dongba characters, is familiar with various Dongba dances, and can host large-scale Dongba sacrificial activities. There are mainly prayer sacrifices, such as sacrificing the heavens, sacrificing the “Department”, sacrificing the grain gods, sacrificing the village gods, sacrificing the grain gods, sacrificing the grain gods, sacrificing the vegetable gods, prolonging life, etc. The rituals of sacrificing ghosts, such as sacrificing wind, sacrificing filth, sacrificing ghosts, eliminating disasters, inviting ghosts, eliminating gossip, etc. and funeral rituals, such as funeral sacrif.

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Translated by Winnie/张赢