Kunming Tuodong Sports Center

Kunming Tuodong Sports Centre Stadium (Chinese: 拓东体育场) is a multi-purpose stadium in Kunming, China. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 40,000 people. Tuodong Sports Center is located in downtown center of Kunming City at the elevation of 1,891m and occupying 5.4 ha.

Tuodong Sports Center is one of the major sports centers in Yunnan province and Kunming City for physical training and various types of races and contests. The stadium is equipped with glass fiber-reinforced plastic chairs that can accommodate 40,000 audiences. The football field in the center is of international standard at 105 x 68 m and surrounded by 8 plastic tracks. A great many international sports events and matches of large scales have been conducted in the center.

Other facilities in Tuodong Sports Center include swimming pools, well-equipped gymnasium, Ping-Pong rooms, etc. All are compliant to relevant international standards, and ideal for training and matches for basketball, volleyball, judo, fencing and martial arts.