Kunming-Wenshan Transportation

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, situated in the southeastern part of Yunnan, is called as the Gate of Southeast of Yunnan. It is a famous and inviting destination for your travel in Yunnan. The government seat of the Wenshan is about 310 kilometers from Kunming. It is convenient for travelers to transfer from Kunming. 

How to Get to Wenshan from Kunming?

By Plane

Puzhehei Airport of Wenshan is located in Yanshan County, about 5 kilometers south of Yanshan County and 29 km away from Wenshan Downtown. At present, there are two flights flying to and fro Kunming Changshui Airport. It’s not recommended to travel from Kunming to Wenshan by airplanes. It’s much expensive and time-wasting. Although the duration on the flight is only about 55 minutes, while 3-4 hours are needed for the transfer time to and from the two airports. 

Kunming-Wenshan Airline Schedules

Flight Number Airlines Departs Arrives
MU5927 China Eastern Airlines 09:05 10:00
MU5929 China Eastern Airlines 18:45 19:40

Shuttle buses between the airport and the other counties in Wenshan are also available. Bus No.6 runs to and fro the airport and Wenshan City. 

By Train

There are not any rail routes to Wenshan City at present. While from Kunming South Railway Station, tourists can take the high-speed train to Qiubei County(Puzhehei), Guangnan County and Funing County of Wenshan City. There are about 20 trains running from Kunming to Puzhehei. 

Kunming-Puzhehei Train Schedules

Train Number Departs Arrives Duration
D3942 07:38 08:53 1h15m
D8612 07:54 09:15 1h21m
D3812 09:06 10:21 1h15m
D3816 09:28 10:43 1h15m
D3820 09:44 10:59 1h15m
D3824 10:20 11:35 1h15m
D3968 10:36 12:17 1h41m
D3836 11:21 12:36 1h15m
D3954 12:00 13:46 1h46m
D3840 12:16
D3844 12:19 13:59 1h40m
D3848 13:06 14:27 1h21m
D3852 13:35 15:21 1h46m
D3932 13:52 15:36 1h44m
D3856 14:05 15:48 1h43m
D3940 14:31 16:07 1h36m
D3914 17:10 18:31 1h21m
D8686 17:12 18:55 1h43m
D4122 17:42 19:23 1h41m
D8614 19:10 20:31 1h21m

By Coach

Coaches are the main force of transportation in Wenshan city. At Kunming East Bus Station, tourists can take the coaches to Wenshan with the journey of about 4-4.5 hours. The cost ranges from RMB 117-126. Besides, tourists can take the bus near Kunming Changshui Airport at around 08:00 and 15:00 to any location of Wenshan city.

Kunming-Wenshan Bus Schedules

Departs Arrives Duration
07:20, 09:20, 10:20, 11:20, 11:40, 12:20, 08:10, 08:40 Wenshan Beiqiao Bus Station(文山北桥客运站) 4 Hours
07:40, 10:00, 12:00, 12:40, 14:10, 18:00 Wenshan Beiqiao Bus Station(文山北桥客运站) 4.5 Hours
 08:25, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00 Wenshan Bus Station(文山客运站) 4.5 Hours
09:00, 09:40, 20:10 Wenshan Chengnan Bus Station(文山城南站) 4 Hours
10:50, 13:10 Wenshan Chengbei Bus Station(文山城北站) 4 Hours