Kunming World Butterfly Ecological Park

Overview of Kunming World Butterfly Ecological Park

World Butterfly Ecological Park, located in Kunming, Yunnan Province town of Xishan District Biji black buckwheat mother village, where simple folk, beautiful environment, fresh air, natural no dirt, the forest coverage rate to 98%. Negative oxygen ions up to 20,000 / cm3 or more. Group is tourism, sightseeing, vacation, leisure, entertainment, education and Adolescent Medicine butterfly breeding, viewing, processing, scientific research as one of the major eco-tourism park.

Development & History

The World Butterfly Ecological Park will be completed in three phases with an investment of 880 million yuan. The Pearl Tower in the west of the second phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Due to the relatively high topography standing on the Pearl Tower in the west, Dianchi Lake, Kunming, and an overview of the peace, the roads have now been built. At the same time as the opening of the first phase of the project, the western Pearl Tower will start construction at the same time. In addition, the third phase of the project will build a hunting ground at the top of Guanyin Mountain, and is still in the filing of the relevant procedures. The fourth phase is the construction of South Asia’s largest leisure resort.

Environmental Layout

At present, there are about 14000-16,000 species of butterflies in the world. There are 1758 species of butterflies known in China. Yunnan is known as the “hometown of butterflies” in China, and there are more than 700 kinds of butterflies. According to the climatic characteristics and vegetation of Kunming, the World Butterfly Ecological Park introduces 60% of the world’s butterfly species, with a total of hundreds of millions of butterflies, and the density of butterflies will reach the scale of 7 butterflies per square meter.

Park road unobstructed, along the coast and on the high-speed Dianchi kilometer border from the city center, the railway station, the airport no more than 30 minutes, Kunming, after the Expo, and an ethnic village project. Plays a role in promoting the further development of tourism industry in Yunnan Province, not only because of its rare butterflies and teenagers Cape education base film base, or at most butterfly species in the world, the scale of the highest level, the largest number of supply, process manufacturing the finest, best ecological resources world-class scenery big garden. Take time to bring the mood, relax, relieve breathing, leaving downtown Kunming, we travel together. Departure as long as 30 minutes to come to this modern romantic hideaway from Kunming – World Butterfly Ecological Park.

Main Attraction in Kunming World Butterfly Ecological Park

Three Wonders (三大奇观)

Kunming World Butterfly Ecological Park

World Butterfly ecological park has three wonders: Live Butterfly Garden, seasons, love regardless of the season, Fall in love with the beauty and freedom, Fall in love with a butterfly garden. Kissing each petal, feel the aura from butterfly fairy, dream sleep in this extremely flowers, leave enough breath, I do not know how many times has experienced reincarnation, seeking only to see here, there is against the background of flowers, butterflies around . Hill lines, spring patter of the sun, happy flowers open each flower, each cheerful butterflies flying into the live butterfly garden to witness the beautiful cicada becomes lovely spirit, and experience the butterfly garden, cocoon moved, Four seasons flowers, butterflies dancing, naughty elf around your flying, sometimes you fall on the shoulders of the foot rest, sometimes secretly kiss your face, mountain flowers, butterflies Manwu, inadvertently, beautiful fantasy butterfly heart is Park open.

The Kingdom of the Little People (小矮人王国)

The Kingdom of the Little People is a theme park located near Kunming, Yunnan that features comic performances by people with dwarfism. Supporters of the park claim that it provides employment to people who would otherwise be unable to find work, but it has been criticized for treating dwarfism as a humorous condition.

Butterfly Release Garden (蝶放飞园)

The whole ecological park is a cultural ecological park with butterflies as the main line. The density of butterflies in the garden reaches 4-8 per square meter. The most concentrated areas of butterfly dancing are the Butterfly Pavilion and several “Butterfly trees” in the park; thousands of butterflies can also be brought to the wedding site or where they are needed. In hundreds of acres or more, truly forms throughout the year flowers blooming, flowers artless, throughout the year butterfly flying spectacular scene.

How to Get there?

Take the World Butterfly Eco-Park special vehicle. The car set out on time at 11: 30 or 14:30.