Li Laweng – Representative Inheritor of the Deang Creation Myth “Da Gu Da Leng Ge Lai Biao” Project in Mangshi, Dehong 

Li Laweng(李腊翁) was born in Deang Township, Santai Mountain, Mangshi, Dehong Dai, Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in 1929. He was the representative Inheritor of the Deang Creation Myth Da Gu Da Leng Ge Lai Biao Project in Mangshi, Dehong.

Da Gu Da Leng Ge Lai Biao(达古达楞格莱标)

Relying on their diligence, wisdom and creativity, Deang Ethnic has left an unique cultural heritage with rich national characteristics in the long-term production and life practice. Da Gu Da Leng Ge Lai Biao is the creation of the mythical epic of the Deang Ethnic, and in the Deang Ethnic language it means “the earliest ancestral legend”.

Li Laweng loved the folk literature of the Deang people since he was a child, especially like the folk songs of the Deang people. On the basis of inheriting the skills of singers and mastering the folk singing skills of the nation, he gradually formed his own unique singing style, combining chanting with traditional instrumental music. His voice was bright and brisk, and was very popular among local people.

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Tea culture is a wonderful part of the Deang culture. Da Gu Da Leng Ge Lai Biao uniquely suggests that human beings are derived from tea trees. The Deang people are descendants of tea trees, reflecting the original thinking characteristics and values of the De’ang ancestors.

The history of Deang Ethnic worship and love of tea has a long history and has been praised by other people as “The Nationality of Tea” and “Ancient Tea Farmer”.

Tea symbolizes honesty and trust in the morality of the Deang Ethnic.

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