Lijiang Weather in August

Lijiang Weather and Climate in August

When you travel to Lijiang. Lijiang in August experiences its summer along with the rainy season and the weather is cool and wet in general. The average temperature is about 23°C (73°F) by day and 14°C (57°F) at night. So the temperature is comfortable. Since the city is at an elevation of 2,400 meters (7,900 feet), it feels warmer.The average total precipitation reaches about 206mm in this month, and there often are showers, so travelers need to bring rain gear when going outdoors.

Historical Lijiang Average Daily Temperatures in August

August  Average High Average Low 
1 23.1°C / 73.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
2 23.1°C / 73.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
3 23.1°C / 73.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
4 23.1°C / 73.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
5 23.1°C / 73.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
6 23.1°C / 73.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
7 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
8 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
9 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
10 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
11 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
12 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
13 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
14 23°C / 73.4°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
15 22.9°C / 73.2°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
16 22.9°C / 73.2°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
17 22.9°C / 73.2°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
18 22.9°C / 73.2°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
19 22.8°C / 73°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
20 22.8°C / 73°F 14°C / 57.2°F
21 22.7°C / 72.9°F 14°C / 57.2°F
22 22.7°C / 72.9°F 14°C / 57.2°F
23 22.6°C / 72.7°F 14°C / 57.2°F
24 22.6°C / 72.7°F 13.9°C / 57°F
25 22.5°C / 72.5°F 13.9°C / 57°F
26 22.5°C / 72.5°F 13.8°C / 56.8°F
27 22.4°C / 72.3°F 13.8°C / 56.8°F
28 22.4°C / 72.3°F 13.7°C / 56.7°F
29 22.3°C / 72.1°F 13.7°C / 56.7°F
30 22.2°C / 72°F 13.6°C / 56.5°F
31 22.2°C / 72°F 13.5°C / 56.3°F

What to Wear for an August Lijiang Travel

During the day, light clothes such as shirts, trousers, shorts, and T-shirts are fine, but you might want a jacket at night. Bring rain gear. Take a coat and rain gear if you walk up in the mountains since the weather is very changeable there. The UV radiation is high, so cover up when it is sunny

Places to Visit in August Lijiang

  • The First Bend of the Yangtze River:
    It is at the Stone Drum Town in Lijiang. It is where the Yangtze River runs in parallel with Lancang River and Nujiang River. The roaring current looks gentle because the river is very wide. The water surface rises in rainy season and travelers can admire the magnificent view of the Yangtze River, accompanied by beautiful sky and clouds, mountains, fields, and villages.
  •  The Gemu Mountain:
    At the end of the month, it is the Mountain-Circling Festival (Zhuanshan Festival) of Mosuo People. The people dress up and make a pilgrimage to the holy Gemu Mountain.
  • Lijiang Ancient town
    The July Festival of Naxi People usually falls in August, when merchants from other cities gather in Lijiang and sell various fancy goods, and people will play instruments and dance at night.
  • Lige Island:
    Lige Island is a peninsula on the northern bank of Lugu Lake. Surrounded by water on the east, west, and south and against Goddess Gem Mountain which the locals call Lion Mountain on the north, Lige Island is one of the most beautiful places along Lugu Lake. Villagers here are mostly Mosuo ethnic people, who still have a matriarchy
  • Stone Drum Town:
    Shigu Ancient Town is one of the famous ancient town at the river bank of the upper reaches of Yangtze River. As there is a drum-shaped stone tablet carved with white marble, hence the name of the town. The diameter of the stone tablet is 1.5 m and the thickness is 0.7 m. It is said that if the society is unrest, the drum will craze, but when the society is peaceful again, the drum will close up.
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:
    This is a place to go for a refreshing change from the sweltering summer in eastern and southern China. The mountain is only half an hour from Lijiang, and you can go up to the snowy peaks on a scenic tram. From the tram, you have the option of climbing the stairway up to the observation point at 4,636 meters (15,210 feet). The highlight there is a small glacier. It is a place to see beautiful mountain scenery and snow. Be prepared for a hard climb.
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking:
    You can hike in this natural wonder that is one of the world’s deepest gorges. It is about 18 kilometers long, and there and tall mountains towering 5,000 meters (17,000 to 18,000 feet) high on both sides of the roaring Yangtze River. Be careful about hiking in August because it rains every day and the weather is changeable. As the saying goes, you can experience “all four seasons within the span of a single day!”

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