Dawu Maolin Mosque in Weishan County, Dali

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 大五茂林清真寺
  • English Name: Dawu Maolin Mosque
  • Location: Dawu Maolin, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China


Dawu Maolin Mosque is a significant religious site for the Hui Muslim community in Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province. It has a long history and serves as a cultural and educational center for local Muslims.

Historical Background

  • Founding: The exact founding date of Dawu Maolin Mosque is uncertain, but it has undergone several reconstructions and expansions over the years. It was rebuilt in 1911 and further expanded in 1979. The minaret (宣礼楼) was added in 1988.

Architectural Features

  • Size and Layout: The mosque covers approximately 5 acres with a total construction area of 3,781 square meters. It consists of traditional two-winged wooden structures used as classrooms and dormitories.
  • Main Prayer Hall: The main prayer hall features a double-eave gable roof (重檐歇山式) with two floors, covering an area of 1,120 square meters.
  • Minaret: The minaret is in a four-cornered pavilion style (四角攒尖式) with a construction area of 469 square meters.

Community and Religious Practices

  • Community: Dawu Maolin Mosque serves around 140 households with over 800 people, all belonging to the Gedi clan of the Hui ethnic group. The mosque has over 60 imams (阿訇) and 5 hajjis (哈吉). It also houses the Ma Yuanshan Islamic Cultural School and a religious school with 52 students.

Visitor Information

For those visiting Dawu Maolin Mosque:

  1. Respectful Conduct: Visitors should dress modestly and respect mosque etiquette.
  2. Cultural Experience: Explore the architectural beauty and cultural significance of Dawu Maolin Mosque, including its historical artifacts and educational institutions.
  3. Location: Dawu Maolin is situated in Yongjian Township, Weishan County, at the northeastern edge of Yongjian Dam, adjacent to the Five Support Mountain Range. It is accessible via the Guanwei Highway passing through the village.


Dawu Maolin Mosque stands as a testament to the rich Islamic heritage and community resilience in Weishan County, Dali. Its architectural splendor and educational contributions make it a significant site for both religious worship and cultural appreciation.