Luobenzhuo Bai Ethnic Town in Lushui City, Nujiang

Luobenzhuo Bai Ethnic Town is located in the north end of Lushui county, in the middle of Nujiang river valley, east of Yingpan town(营盘镇) of Lanping(兰坪), west of Burma, north of Pihe township(匹河乡) of Fugong, south of Gudeng township of Lushui county. It is 14.5 km long from north to south, 27.8 km wide from east to west and borderline of 11.4 km. The altitude is 815 meters to 3800 meters. The total area of the township is 267 square kilometers and the cultivated area is 12744 mu. 

The main ethnic group living in Luobenzhuo town is the branch of Bai, called “Lemo” people(勒墨人), who has a long history of its own traditional culture and customs including costumes, dance, song and musical Instruments. After every lunar February 20th, cuckoo heralding spring and peach in full blossom, they will hold the grand Peach Flower Festival with many folk entertainments to prey for the family happiness and good harvest.