Mengma Waterfall in Menglian County, Puer

Mengma Waterfall 

Menglian Mengma Waterfall is 3 kilometers away from the Mengma Town Government. The Waterfall is in the forest and in the middle and lower reaches of the Mengma River. From the Mengma Village to the North along the Mengma River, the trees in the trench is rich, and sturdy, rattan hanging, with green bamboo, birds and flowers, quiet and unusual. The clear river flows under the shade of greenery, flying in the sky like flowers, forming several small drops of 1-10 meters high. Up to about 1.7 kilometers, you can hear the sound of falling water, a 35-meter-high, about 5 meters wide on the steep wall of the lake bed. The water is white, it will fall like a galaxy.
Within a few tens of meters, the droplets are like fog, and the cool air hits people. The bottom of the waterfall forms a semi-circular deep pool with an area of ​​about 5-6 meters. The area is about 30 meters deep. The clear blue is like jade, the huge stones in front of the pool are piled up, and the rock is strange and people can imagine what they look. 

How to get Mengma Waterfall 

People can take cars to Mengma Waterfall, or they can ride bikes for it is near the downtown.

Travel Tips

People need to take some raincoat when people visit the waterfall.
People can by some local speciaties, such as buckwheat and Wa handcrafts.

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Mengma Waterfall in Menglian County, Puer