Qianjiazhai Village in Zhenyuan County, Puer

Where is Qianjiazhai Village in Zhenyuan County

With more than 2,700 years of the King of World Wild Tea Tree as the core resource, the radiation includes the Jiujia(九甲), Zhedong(者东) and Heping Townships (和平镇) of the Zhenyuan County, with an area of ​​about 991.71 square kilometers.

Why it is so special

The natural scenery of Zhenyuan Qianjiazhai is beautiful and charming, and the national customs are beautiful and colorful. The world’s largest and oldest 2700 wild tea tree is full of vitality.

Historical traceability

According to historical records, during the Qing Dynasty, the peasant leader Li Wenxian and the  peasants of more than 5,000 people gathered in the Tianshengying(天生营), swearing and preparing uprising, camped in Ailaoshan to fight against the Qing army, hence the name “Thousands of Villages.”came into been在哀牢山安营扎寨反抗清军,因而得名“千家寨”。

What to see in Qianjiazhai Village

Qianjiazhai Village in Zhenyuan County, Puer

Zhenyuan Qianjiazhai is a provincial-level scenic spot. The virgin forest in the scenic area is lush and dense, the ancient trees, the vines are vines, the mountains are blooming, and the birds are singing. In this quaint and mysterious forest, you can enjoy the leisurely mountain fun and the magical romantic natural scenery. You will stop and marvel at the nature’s awe-inspiring work. great mountain, green water, dense forest, quaint rock are the major features of the scenic spot, which contains the wild tea tree king of more than 2,700 years and more than 10 landscapes including Dadiaoshui(大吊水), Xiaodiaoshui(小吊水), Dulu River(嘟噜河), and tea tree community.

There are tens of thousands of acres of scattered wild tea trees in the original dense forest about 2 kilometers north of the site. One of them is 18.5 meters high and 2.82 meters in bust. According to experts, it has been 2700 years old. It is the oldest discovered so far. The wild tea tree has become a rare treasure.

The Dadiaoshui(大吊水) Waterfall is located at the upper left of the parking lot at the foot of the Qianjiazhai Mountain. The waterfall spurts out from the two peaks and falls into three levels. The total drop is nearly 100 meters, the overflow is 5-15 meters, and the waterfall falls 5 meters steep. Hanging down, like a river, plunging into the foot pool. The water is wrapped in mist, which is divided into two parts. The sound of the water is like thunder, the river valley is splashed, the water splashes, and the sky floats in the sky. Under the sun’s rays, you can often see the dazzling rainbow, which is amazing and memorable.

How to get Qianjiazhai Village

Qianjiazhai Village in Zhenyuan County, Puer

Qianjiazhai Village is 90 kilometers away from the downtown, so people need to take cars to get there.

Travel Tips

People need to take some raincoat when people visit the waterfall.
People can by some local speciaties, such as buckwheat and Wa handcrafts.