People and Population in Baoshan

Baoshan, historically also Yongchang, is a prefecture-level city in western Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China. Baoshan is the second-biggest metropolitan area in western Yunnan after Dali.

  1. Ethnic Diversity:
    • Baoshan City is home to 13 resident ethnic minority groups, including Yi, Dai, Bai, Lisu, Blang, among others.
    • These ethnic groups peacefully coexist, contributing to the city’s rich ethnic diversity and cultural heritage.
  2. Cultural Significance:
    • Baoshan City is recognized as the birthplace of the Dai and Tai ethnic groups.
    • It is also renowned nationwide as a hometown of overseas Chinese, with over 500,000 overseas Chinese, their relatives, and returnees residing in the city.
  3. Achievements in Ethnic Unity and Cultural Development:
    • Baoshan City has made significant strides in promoting ethnic unity and cultural development.
    • It has established exemplary villages and units for ethnic unity and progress, many of which have been recognized as national or provincial characteristic villages.
    • These efforts highlight Baoshan City’s commitment to fostering unity among its diverse ethnic groups.
  4. Population Statistics:
    • As of November 1, 2020: Permanent population was 2,431,211 people.
    • End of 2021: Registered population increased to 2.65 million, including 1.439 million rural residents and 1.211 million urban residents. Ethnic minorities accounted for 310,000 people, or 11.8% of the registered population.
    • End of 2021: Total permanent population decreased slightly to 2.418 million, with a rural population of 1.546 million and an urban population of 0.872 million.
    • End of 2022: Total permanent population decreased further to 2.397 million people.

This summary provides an overview of the ethnic diversity, cultural significance, achievements in ethnic unity, and population trends in Baoshan City. For more detailed information, consulting official government sources or local census reports would provide precise statistics and insights into the city’s population dynamics and cultural diversity.