Pianma Border Port in Lushui County, Nujiang

Brief Introduction

Pianma is the only one provincial-level port in Nujiang Prefecture, Northwest Yunnan. It’s situated in the west part of Gaoligong Mt. Natural Reserve. Located in the west of Lushui County and adjacent to Myanmar in the south, north and west, Pianma is only 200 km from Myityina (Mizhina), the capital city of Kachin State, Myanmar. As a frontier tourist destination of China, Pianma port has become a wing of the economic takeoff of Nujiang Prefecture, and is an important window of the opening up of Yunnan province, which is developing towards the multi-functional comprehensive port of resources development, processing, import and export trade. It exhibits dense and lush primeval forest and pastoral landscapes; it also notably features vegetation distribution on the basis of vertical “stereoscopic” climate.

How to Get there

We can take a local mini-bus at Liuku Bus Station to Pianma, around 100 KM. It’s 580km from Kunming to Liuku. Express and sleeper buses leaving from Kunming daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, 13hrs ride. There are also buses from Dali(8hrs) and Baoshan(4hrs) to Liuku. Or take the bus to Lushui and then transfer to Pianma County.