Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region in Lanping County, Nujiang

Why is Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region So Special?

With total area of 100 square kilometers, Lanping Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region is composed of three parts: Luogu Qing, Jinding Cuiping Mountain, Fuhe Mountain. It is a meadow outspreading from south to east, with an altitude of 2,700 meters. You can not only see Yulong Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain, Baimang Snow Mountain, Meili Snow Mountain and Snow Field in the East, but can also enjoy the beautiful sight of Laoqun Mountain, Xuebang Mountain in the southeast, which is the central area of Three Parallel Rivers. It is also the tie and bridge of other scenery areas in Three Parallel Rivers.

Where is Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region – Location

Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region is located at Tongdian Town of Lanping Bai & Pumi Autonomous County in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. It is 56 kilometers away from Lanping county, 200 kilometers away from Dali and Lijiang. 


Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region is a mountain meadow with excellent primitive scenery, featuring the romance of Pumi ethnic people and the landscape of Danxia and stone forest landscape. It is deep and narrow, with extremely strong mysterious color. It consists of three parts: the Luogu Valley, Golden-Peak-Green-Screen Mountain(Jinding Cuiping Mountain)and the Fuhe Mountain. The main landscape includes highland pastures, valentine’s dam,” “mountain girl”, “mother tree”, Baizhang whispering gallery, the Grand River cuckoo screen, Shilin, Huashan, dripping rock, stone pot, etc. 

No one has ever fully gone through its gullies, or knows how many rocks or streams there are. People who walked into the land feel that they have entered unearthly paradise, surrounded by virgin forests, with feet on the thick moss-covered blanket, eyes filled with endless scenery, and ears full of birds and stream’s singing.

Main Attractions

Lovers Dam
The reason why Lovers Dam got its beautiful name is that when Dragon Boat Festival coming, the Pumis from all around would get together dancing and singing on the dam to celebrate their Valentines’ Day. 

Echoing Wall
Echoing Wall is located at the headstream of Luoguo Qing North Channel, with an altitude of 3,000 meters. A group of huge and thick sandstone forms a cliff over one hundred meters high. The wall is smooth and flattening. When shout towards the wall, the sound fly upwards and resounds for a long time. So it is called Echoing Wall.

Dayang Pasture
It is the junction of Lanping, Weixi and Lijiang. From south to north, Dayang river turns back to the green pastures, like a silver dragon living here. 

Danxia and Stone Forest Lanscape
The Danxia and stone scene here is unique. Because the river bed is covered with red Danxia stone, the crystal bottom of the water is like thick coffee. As the rocks on the mountain top become thinner and without soil covered, it forms a spectacular red Danxia stone peak, some like Buddha, some like people or animals.

How to Get there

By Bus
Tourists can take a shuttle bus to go to Tongdian Town directly.

By Car-rental
Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide the car-rental service for our clients with good vehicle and skilled driver. 

Best Season to Visit

Best season to visit Luoguqing Valley Scenic Region is Summer. When Dragon Boat Festival coming, the Pumis from all around would get together dancing and singing on the Lovers Dam to celebrate their Valentines’ Day.