Qiunatong Village of Bingzhongluo in Gongshan County, Nujiang

Why is Qiunatong Village So Special?

Qiunatong is a Catholic village in Gongshan County. Most Qiunatong villagers are Nu. A few Dulong and Tibetans also live in Qiunatong. With dense virgin forests, waterfalls in the canyons and wooden houses hiding in the mountains, Qiunatong is an idyllic village which is regarded as the essence of the whole Nujiang valley.

Where is Qiunatong Village – Location

There are 35 km from Bingzhongluo to the Yunnan-Tibet border. Qiunatong Village is located at the north end of the Nujiang Grand Canyon, surrounded by the Biluo Snow Mountain and the Gawagapu Snow Mountain. And the Nu River runs at the foot the majestic mountains. Qiunatong village belongs to Bingzhongluo town(the northernmost side, 15 km to Bingzhongluo Town Seat), Gongshan Dulong Autonomous County, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan. From Qiunatong north, the road goes into Tibet connecting the village of Tsawarong.

History and Culture

 “Tong” literally means “peace and harmony” in the Nu language. In Nujiang, a place with “Tong” in its name is mainly resided by Nu and Lisu people. The Nu Minority is one of the oldest minorities in the Nujiang area, having a history of 1,600 years. The Nu live only in Yunnan, China, and have a population of less than 30,000. They have a unique ethnic culture with their own language, ethnic costumes, music, and oral literature.


The Nu village of Qiunatong is an attractive collection of large wooden farm houses set amongst fruit trees and corn fields. The Nu farmers make what seems a reasonable living from the fertile slopes of the valley. Their houses are built in the traditional style of the region with black slate roofs, bulky wooden beams and big open courtyards. In the village, healthy looking cattle and donkeys roam freely around the flagstone lanes. 

In the centre of the main square there is an atmospheric Catholic Church, built in a mixture of local traditional style with touches of European design. It provides an inviting foreground for some unique photo opportunities, when combined with the rolling mist and the majestic mountains in the background. The spectacular setting of Qiunatong provides fantastic views back across the Nujiang River and on towards the towering, jagged and awe-inspiring mountains that loom above it.

How to Get there

From Bingzhongluo Town, tourists can take the collective taxi or rent a car to Qiunatong village which will cost one and a half hours. Hiking is also popular among tourists which will take about 4-5 hours while you can enjoy the scenery along the way.

Recommended Hiking Route

1.Bingzhongluo Government Seat – Fota – Chongding Village(Catholic Church) – Huangjin Cave – Mani  Stones – Shimen Pass – Sijitong – Wuli – Nidadang – Qiunatong – Naiqluo

2.Bingzhongluo Government Seat – Xiangbala Site – Pamunai Fairy Cave – Gemaluo River – Dongfeng Christian Church – Puhua Temple – Chongding Village(Catholic Church) – Huangjin Cave – Mani  Stones – Shimen Pass – Sijitong – Wuli – Nidadang – Qiunatong – Naiqluo

Best Time to Go

March and April is the best time to visit Qiunatong Village when the flowers are in bloom. Water is green and the rainy season hasn’t come yet.

Accommodate at Qiunatong Village

Accommodation in the village is possible, staying with villagers. 

Attractions Nearby

Biluo Snow Mountain
Biluo Snow mountain is one of the major mountain ranges in Hengduan Mountain in Yunnan. It faces Lan Cang River on the east, and stops at Nujiang River ­on the west. Biluo Snow mountain is also called the “Mountain of thousands of Waterfalls and lakes”, indicating the rich in the beautiful landscapes. 

Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve
It runs through the southern section of Hengduan Mountains from south to north. Covering a total area of 120,000 hectares with forest coverage of 85%. It is characterized by its natural landscape of biological and climate vertical belts, various types of vegetation, and a great variety of plants and animals. 

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