Pu’er Sun-River National Forest Park-The First Jungle Adventure Project of Pu’er Was Completed

Recently, the virgin forest leisure experience project “Jungle Flight” invested heavily and constructed by Pu’er Sun-River National Forest Park (“National Park”) was officially opened, which is also the first large jungle adventure project in Pu’er.

Jungle Flight is an outdoor experience project in virgin forest, integrating entertainment, adventure and challenge, which connects trees into a route to set up many super-exciting obstacles at different levels of difficulty. The participants have to pass over all the obstacles to reach the goal by sliding, crawling, flying and climbing. The whole process fully reflects the participants’ psychological rule of “experiencing, understanding, controlling and transcending” and provides them with sensory stimulation and pleasant sensation of high-altitude falling, jungle climbing and free gliding. There are 4 Jungle Flight lines in Pu’er Sun-River National Forest Park at different length and difficulty for different healthy people to choose. Among them, the total length of the longest route is 450 meters with 26 obstacle projects. The longest zip line is 70 meters with an experience time of about 120 minutes.

It is understood that Jungle Flight is one of the many forest experience projects invested and constructed by the National Park, and in the next three to five years, the park will become the first one-stop forest tourism destination in the country integrating lots of latest and most popular forest experience, leisure and entertainment. Last November, the park established the “Forest Experience Center” which mainly provided visitors with forest experience advisor and travel customizer. Most of the experiencers were lodgers of Red Panda Manor. Now there are various animal interaction experience, health-related experience like forest yoga, mindfulness meditation and health class, education-related experience like microlandscape fabrication and natural sketching, and sports-related experience like Fun Run in Sun-River Park, which meet the needs of different people.