Shangri-la Alpine Botanical Garden, Diqing

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Chinese Name:香格里拉高山植物园
English Name: Shangri-la Alpine Botanical Garden, Diqing
It is the highest botanical garden in China and even the world, with the altitude raging between 3,200 and 3,800 meters. Conserved in it, on both in-situ and off-site basis, are 620 species of wild alpine plants; and its subsections include display area of plants collecting, exhibition hall of popular science, garden of Rosa rugosa, garden of moccasin flower, garden of ornamental plants, garden of rock plant, and nursery etc. The garden has also well preserved the ruins of Xijiabengding Temple and the passage of the Ancient Tea-Horse Trail. Besides, ascending to the top of the garden, one will have good chance to birds-eye view Napa Lake, nearby Tibetan villages, Shangri-la Airport; and admire the Tianbao Snow Mt in the distance. The garden nowadays serves as a base for popular science education and bio-diversity protection of Yunnan Province.