Silver Chest Boutique Hotel in Kunming

In the narrow lane called Xiaoyinguixiang, there is a traditional courtyard, which had once served as the prestigious headquarter of Yunnan Fuchunheng Trade Company. The founder of the Fuchunheng business was Mr. Jiang Zonghan and his successors build the complex during the heyday of the family. It used to be called the Jiang Family’s Courtyard.

It absorbed both the essence of the Chinese and the Western design. The yard preserves the style of a classic Chinese courtyard, with exquisite carvings onto the doors and the windows. And the French floor tiles transported from Vietnam add some romantic touch.  



Kunming Changshui International Airport: 26.1 km

Kunming Nan Train Station: 32.9 km

Kunming Train Station: 4.2 km


Sightseeing Spots:

Nanping Shopping Street: 213 m 

Green Lake Park: 1.4 km

Yunnan University: 1.8 km


  • Address: No. 16, Qianwang Street, Wuhua District, Kunming
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明市五华区钱王街16号 银柜精品酒店
  • Tel: 0871-68135777
  • Price Range: Starting from 1358 Yuan/Night