Tianbao Snow Mountain in Shangrila, Diqing

Brief Introduction

Tianbao Snow Mountain is one of the top seven biggest snow mountains in Shangri-La area, with more than 100 peaks over 4000 meters, the highest being 4750 meters above the sea level. In the primitive forests, rare flowers and herbs are scattered around grotesque vines and age-old trees. It is the the Alps in Shangri-La area, while the beautiful scenery is less known by the people outside. Besides the snow-capped mountains, cliffs, gorges, and original forest, there are many different kinds of plants and animals.

What to See at Tianbao Snow Mountain

Walking 6 KM to the end of the valley in the primitive forests, then we will arrive at a natural alpine pastures, the most beautiful mountain lake of Tianbao Snow Mountain is lying in the pasture. It gives a strong sense of change and variation, crystal water, green forest, white snow mountains, as well as the snow mountains plated with gold when sunset. Showing an isolated snow mountain landscape painting in front of us which makes us indulged it.

How to Get there

Tourists can take the shuttle bus in Shangri-La City to Sanba Town, then take a local chartered bus to go to Annan Village.