Top 10 Zhaotong Tourist Attractions and Things To Do Rated on TripAdvisor

Zhaotong is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, with high mountains and deep valleys, with a large altitude gap. Zhaotong’s unique terrain has made Zhaotong a unique natural landscape and charming scenery. Zhaotong is also a city with a long history and rich cultural heritage. Zhaotong also has many state-level protected animals and plants, and is also rich in water resources. The following is the top 10 Zhaotong tourist attractions and things to do rated on TripAdvisor.

1. Dashanbao Black-necked Crane Natural Reserve

Dashanbao Black-necked Crane Natural Reserve is one of the most popular destination for Yunnan Birding Tours. There are more than 1, 300 black-necked cranes wintering in Dashanbao Reserve which has become the largest winter habitat of black-necked cranes and is regarded as one of the “Hometowns of Black-necked Cranes in China”. The reserve has been designated as a Ramsar site since 2004.Photo Gallery of Dashanbao Black-necked Crane Nature Reserve, Zhaotong

2. Dashanbao Scenic Resort

Dashanbao is probably a strange name to many people. Every winter, the black-necked crane winters here. It is a national first-class protected animal and the only crane in the world that grows and breeds on the plateau. Therefore, it is also called Dashanbao Black-necked Crane National Nature Reserve. Therefore, Dabao Mountain is a good place to watch black-necked cranes.

3. Longshi Ancestral Hall

Long Yun was the ruler of Yunnan during the Republic of China, starting from Zhaotong. The ancestral temple was built in the 1920s and was of a grand scale. After the new building was resumed, although it has momentum, it looks like a new city and has lost the style and features of traditional culture.

4. ZuanShi ShangYe GuangChang

Location is easy to find, the local commercial stores are relatively concentrated and basically complete in variety, and there are many visitors. The stores are also newly built. Parking is also convenient for purchasing daily necessities for replenishment.

5. XingXing ShangYe Jie (shopping street)

Sitted in Hailou Road, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Commercial Street is a convenient and complete commercial street and a good place for local people to shop and entertain.

6. ZhaoTong WenWu ChenLieGuan(exhibition hall)

Zhaotong Museum of Cultural Relics is located at Qingnian Road, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City. Its collection is a precious cultural relic with a long history and is worth seeing.

7. XiYue ShangYe WenHuaCheng

Located at 112 Qingnian Road, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, XiYue ShangYe WenHuaCheng is a well-known economic zone with many entertainment modes, such as shopping and movie theaters, which is a good place to rest.

8. Zhaotong Museum

The museum is located at Judi Avenue, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City. The museum has a large collection of cultural relics and introduces Zhaotong’s long history and culture, which is helpful for tourists to further understand Zhaotong.

9. Zhaotong Ancient Cultural Sites

Zhaotong Ancient Cultural Sites is located 15 kilometers north of Zhaotong city. Experts found some mammal fossils and one human tooth fossil. Zhaotong Ancient Culture Site has attracted a large number of tourists to visit and admire the fossils with a long history.

10. Yuanbao Mountain

Yuanbaoshan is located in the south of Zhaotong, 1936. Hundreds of acres of sandy wasteland in front of the mountain have been built into a sports ground, namely  Yuanbao Mountain Stadium today. In 1950, after Zhaotong’s liberation,  Yuanbao Mountain Palace was destroyed. In 2002, Zhaotong municipal government rebuilt  Yuanbao Mountain park, which was completed in July 2003.

These are the top 10 Zhaotong tourist attractions and things to do rated on TripAdvisor.. If you want to know more about other Zhaotong tourist attractions, you can inquire on the website or consult relevant personnel.