The Best Time to Visit Dongchuan Red Land in Kunming

Dongchuan Red Land is mainly consisted of Damakan, Qicaipo, Jiuxiuyuan, Luoxiagou, Luosiwan, Yuepuao, Guoditang,etc.  The best time to visit Dongchuan is from May to June and from September to December. The snow landscape is also glamorous in March if it snows.

When is the Best Time to Visit Dongchuan Red Land
Dongchuan Red Earth is situated in Wumeng Mountains with plateau features, crisscrossed with peaks and gullies against the boundless red hills.

September – December: It is the best time for photo taking. It is the harvest time for rapeseed plants, potatoes and buckwheat; budding winter wheat, and the golden autumn leaves along roads and in the villages, a charming palette.
January – February: also a good photogenic time with rapid growth of wheat and farmed lands filled with water.
May -June: a colorful season with rapeseed blossoms and the golden wheat.

Dongchuan Red Land In Spring (March, April, May)
The buckwheat flowers and potato flowers spread over the hill, the colors are bright and distinctive. It will snow in March, don’t miss the good chance to enjoy the red land with snow.

Dongchuan Red Land In Summer (June, July, August)
The buckwheat is ready to be harvested, the red land is covered by the golden buckwheat. The soil is tilled by farmers and gets very red. If the second day is sunny, it is exactly an palette in the sun.

Dongchuan Red Land In Autumn (September, October, November)
The rape flowers are blooming and the sunset is fascinating. There are 4 colors, the red land, the golden buckwheat, the white rape flowers and the green potato flowers.

Dongchuan Red Land In Winter (December, January, February)
Photographers can shoot the early snowfall in Winter. It’s better for you to stay longer if possible, the landscape will be different in different days.

2 Days Yunnan Photography Tour in Dongchuan Red Land
2 Days Yunnan Photography Tour in Dongchuan Red Land

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