Wanding Bridge in Ruili City, Dehong

Why is Wanding Bridge So Special

Wanding Bridge is located on the urban side of the downtown of the Wanding Town; it is the boundary bridge between China and Myanmar; it is also an important channel for the exchange of trade and economic and cultural communication between the Chinese and Burmese. It has played a huge role in the history of Anti-Japanese and diplomacy. It is famous for its role at home and abroad. Wanding Bridge is the gateway to the southwest of China, the end of the 320 National Highway, the key to the Yunnan-Burma Highway, the link between the China-India Highway; it can get to Kunming to Shanghai in the north, and Lashio to Rangoon in the south, to India in the northwest. It is also known as the Anti-Japanese War Bridge, the Friendship Bridge and the Trade Bridge. Today, with the implementation of the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy and the implementation of the Ruili National Key Development and Open Experimental Zone policy, it has brought unprecedented historical development opportunities to the town, and the “100-year-old bridge and international channel” will be more energetic.

Where is Wanding Bridge-Location

Wanding Town is located in the east of Ruili City, bordering on Mangshi City in the north and northeast, and adjacent to Myanmar in the south across the Wanding River. The national boundary line is 28.656 kilometers long and 23 kilometers away from Ruili City. 82 kilometers from Mangshi, 733 kilometers from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. The land area is 103 square kilometers. Wanding Bridge is located in Zhengyang Road, Ruili City.

How to Get to Wanding Bridge

  • It is recommended to get there by self- driving or chartering a car.
  • There are minibuses to and from Wanding Town at the price of 15 RMB/Person for single way.

History of Wanding Bridge

Wanding Bridge in Ruili City, Dehong

Wanding being seen in the ancient books and records can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. It belonged to Ailaodi, Yizhou County in the Western Han Dynasty; it belonged to Yongchang County in Eastern Han Dynasty; it belonged to Dali in Song Dynasty; it belonged to Dali Jinchi Division; it belonged to Zhefang Division and Mengmou Division.Although the Wanding Bridge is small, but it carries a heavy history and culture, it shows a soul-stirring history picture scroll, sings a sorrowful and violent patriotic poem; it describes a famous diplomatic story, inherits a long-standing friendship. Friends, if you come to Wanding, please come into the Wanding Bridge, and listen to the singular and touching story of Wanding Bridge, which is happening on the “Lifeline of the Anti-Japanese War”, and look forward to the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader at the Nanqiao Jigong Monument, the statue of Mr. Chen Jiageng, to the Heishanmen and Huilong Mountain to commemorate thousands of Chinese expeditionary soldiers who died for the country in the battle to recover the land of China.

Best Time to Go

Spring and fall are the best time to visit Wanding Bridge.

Nearby Attractions

Zhaduo Waterfall
Moli Waterfall is located in Moli Valley, also called Zhaduo Waterfall, and hides in deep mountains and forest. the clean water falls from 40-meter cliff, it’s like a white silk flying and dancing in the wind, you can hear the falling sound of water far away. There is a small brook flowing under the waterfall. The whole part of the waterfall is the soul of the scenic area, it’s very enjoyable to watch and feel the waterfall in the morning when the sun rises. It’s also very worthy to go there in summer, you can feel splashes from the waterfall and splash on your face, it’s very nice and cool.

One-Tree Forest
In fact, One-Tree Forest is a large banyan tree, which has a history of more than 900 years, with 32 earial roots streight pinning into the earth. Banyan is a special and unique landscape in Ruili, it’s everywhere no matter in the vallies or villages or on the sides of the roads. people value banyan as holy tree, so they only plant these trees but don’t cut them. The big Banyan is in the one-tree forest park, and it’s 28 meters, what makes it more precious is that it has been standing there for over 200 years. The tree has many aerial roots hanging down from above, and they are interwined with one another, ending in the root. there are also so many aerial roots hanging down and they took roots in the earth, forming a forest that makes up of pillar-like roots, thus one-tree forest is shaped. It’s a very attractive and magical natural scenery. One-tree Forest has become a scenery that tourist must go, and it’s one of the hottest sceneries in Ruili. 

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Wanding Bridge in Ruili City, Dehong

Travel Tips

Wanding is the smallest border city in the country with a local population of just over 10,000. It is one of the three border open cities in Yunnan. From here, you can travel to Namkham, Muse and Lashio of Myanmar. The travel procedures are simple: after you handling two photos and expenses to the Chinese Travel Agency, namely, the Chinese travel agency will take you out to the Myanmar tour guide, and the Burmese travel agency will take you out to the Chinese travel agency when back.