Wuli Village in Bingzhongluo, Nujiang

Brief Introduction

Wuli is a quiet and beautiful village on the ancient tea-horse road. It is located north of Bingzhongluo town, Gongshan county, Nujiang prefecture, Yunnan province. There are about 60 families in the village, including Tibetan, Nu and Lisu ethnic group. It is hidden under a thick fog, beautiful and mysterious. The village sits on a gentle slope which meet mountains on three sides and Nujiang on the last one. Because of the amazing view, everyday a ton of shutterbugs would gather here and capture the view and save it on films.

The Origin of the Name

The name of Wuli village(雾里村) was actually called by some hikers according to the locals’ accent and the poetic imagination. It was supposed to be called Wengli(翁里), which means “a place like a bird’s nest”. Later some called it Wuli(五里). A few decades ago, it was just a small place with few people heard of . As the growing population of tourism in recent years, more and more people are getting to know this mysterious village.


Wuli villagers lives a self-sufficient and pollution-free life. Up to now, the traffic here is closed, and there is no highway to access. The only access to people and materials is the ancient tea-horse road cut on the cliffs. Tourists need to be really carefully walking on it, at some spots they have to bent down a little. Under the cliff there is the deep yet fast moving Nu river.  

In the early morning, the village is a white world. Everything seems so vague and almost fake. As the time goes, it is getting disappear bit by bit. Sun is casting to the valley till it ease away the mists fully. Trees, houses and fields are showing their shapes. The sky, the earth, and the people shows a harmonious scene.

Considering that most Nu people live in mountain areas or riverside and other harsh environment, the development of the village might seem a little laid-back. However, for those tourists from the world outside, it could be something good. Living backwards is not that bad sometime, it makes people think. This is a place that makes you want to escape from chaotic urban life for good. The peace of mind that you can’t find anywhere else.

Nu people’s house looks like some blocks above green blankets, so simple. The house materials are all from the nature, pine wood from Bigluo snow mountain, solid pebbles from the river. Simple as it seems, people here live a happy life, which explains the saying, simplicity is the best.

How to Get to Wuli Village

From Bingzhongluo Town, tourists can rent a car to Wuli village which is 12 km away but still need some walk along the upper Nujiang river. Hiking is also popular among tourists while you can enjoy the scenery along the way. 

Recommended Hiking Route

1.Bingzhongluo Government Seat – Fota – Chongding Village(Catholic Church) – Huangjin Cave – Mani  Stones – Shimen Pass – Sijitong – Wuli – Nidadang – Qiunatong – Naiqluo

2.Bingzhongluo Government Seat – Xiangbala Site – Pamunai Fairy Cave – Gemaluo River – Dongfeng Christian Church – Puhua Temple – Chongding Village(Catholic Church) – Huangjin Cave – Mani  Stones – Shimen Pass – Sijitong – Wuli – Nidadang – Qiunatong – Naiqluo

Best Time to Go

December is the best time to visit Wuli Village.

Attractions Nearby

Shimen Pass(石门关)
In the north of Bingzhongluo, two cliff straight up along the river bank and form a large stone pass in the height of 500 meters and in the width of 200 meters hence the name ‘Shimen Pass’. Shimen Pass is a stunning landscape lying on a beautiful slope along the river bank. The local people call it ‘Nayiqiang’. It is the essential way to get into Yunnan-Tibet.

Puhua Temple(普化寺)
Puhua Temple, a Tibetan Buddhist temple, plays an important role in this place. Inside the temple, there are 11 frescoes and 2000 ‘Songji’ in total.

Useful Travel Tips

► Take personal goods such as rain gear, sunscreen and medicine, etc.

► Respect the customs and habits of ethnic minorities.

►Due to the inconvenience of transportation, the best traveling way is car-rental.

►The roads in the scenic area are narrow and dangerous for vehicles to enter. Be sure to bring a pair of shoes suitable for walking.

Tours including Wuli Village

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