Xiang Laozhai – Inheritor of Achang Iron Handicrafts in Longchuan County, Dehong 


Xiang Laosai(项老赛,1961-), male, Achang nationality, born in 1961, is a Xinzhai village(新寨村) in Mangbing Village(芒炳村), Husa Township(户撒乡), Longchuan County(龙川县), Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture(德宏傣族景颇族自治州). He is the inheritor of Husa Knife Forging Techniques of Achang Ethnic Minority(阿昌族户撒刀制作技艺) which is the  national intangible cultural heritage in Yunnan.

Personal Experiences 

When he was 14 years old, he began to participate in the knife-making under his father’s guidance. By the age of 27, his knife-making skills had reached the high level, and he began to make knives on his own.

Xiang Laosai has inherited the traditional craftsmanship of the ancestors of the Achang Nationality, strictly selecting materials, measuring the use of materials, meticulous production and continuous innovation.Xiang Laosai has accumulated rich experience in the fields of vehicle, pliers, planer, scraping, baking, grinding and milling, and has gradually summarized and innovated seven steps of technological process: laying-off materials(下料), semifinished product(毛坯), rough machining(粗加工), groove carving and decorating(拉槽雕饰), quenching(淬火), fine machining(精加工). According to the type and type of the knife, he fitted the knife with a suitable handle and sheath.


His Husa Knife is beautiful, practical, of high quality and exquisite workmanship. It is loved by the people of all nationalities. It has won many prizes in the arts and crafts exhibition organized by the county and has been collected by many museums.

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Translated by Olive/张银芳

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