XiaoPutuo Island of Erhai Lake in Dali

Xiao Putuo Island is a little island in the Erhai Lake. You can rent a small boat to visit the Lake and if you are lucky you can see the cormorants on the lake.Mr. China’s Son Cultural Exchange Cafe can organize Special trip to visit the fisherman and the cormorants fishing. 

Chinese Name: 大理洱海小普陀
English Name: Xiao (Little) Putuo Island of Erhai Lake in Dali

Erhai Lake is a 400 sq km stretch of water which dominates the landscape around Dali. The lake is an important source of fish for the local people. The lake can be explored by foot or by hiring a boat to visit the islands and sights along the shore. Xiao Putuo Dao is a small island and home to a 15th century temple dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin.

Other sights include Tianjing Pavilion and Sea Island. Wase Market is held every 5 days and is a good opportunity to combine a unique shopping experience in this lively Bai market on the shores of Erhai with a trip around the lake.

Erhai Lake, also named as Kunming Pool or Er River, has its feature shaped as a human’s ear. Its surface equals 250 kilometers square, can store water approximately 2 brilliant meters square. 
According to its mild climate, Erhai Lake has rich natural resources, both plants and animals grow up under good condition around the lake. Because of its crystal clear water and the charming landscape, Erhai Lake is also titled as “Pearl of Plateau”.  
Inside the Erhai Lake, there are different kinds of famous landscapes like “three islands”, “four continents” and “nine bends”, also other magnificent spectacles as “reflections of the three pagodas”, “Stone Bridge with nine holes” and so on.   
Besides the national famous Erhai Lake, the surrounded cultural and historical relics are also worth to have a glance. Sky Mirror Pavilion (Tian jing ge), Guanyin pavilion, little Putuo Island, Erhai Park, Xizhou market and Shuanglong area etc.

Xiao (Little) Putuo Island of Erhai Lake in Dali Xiao (Little) Putuo Island of Erhai Lake in Dali-06 Xiao (Little) Putuo Island of Erhai Lake in Dali-03 Xiao (Little) Putuo Island of Erhai Lake in Dali-02