Xihua Park in Kunming

Chinese Name: 昆明西华园
English Name: Xihua Park in Kunming

Xihua Park (西华公园) in Kunming is a notable urban park known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance. Here are some key features and highlights of Xihua Park:

Location and Overview

  • Location: Situated in the western part of Kunming, Xihua Park covers a significant area and is easily accessible from various parts of the city.
  • Scenic Beauty: The park is renowned for its lush greenery, serene lakes, and well-maintained gardens. It offers visitors a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.
  • Cultural Heritage: Xihua Park is also home to cultural relics and historic sites, providing insights into Kunming’s rich history and traditional architecture.Xihua Park in Kunming

Key Attractions

  1. Huating Temple: One of the prominent landmarks within Xihua Park is the Huating Temple (华亭寺), a Buddhist temple dating back to ancient times. It features traditional Chinese architecture, intricate carvings, and tranquil courtyards.
  2. Lakes and Gardens: The park boasts several scenic lakes where visitors can enjoy boat rides or simply relax by the water’s edge. Surrounding gardens are meticulously landscaped with seasonal flowers and trees, offering picturesque views year-round.
  3. Cultural Performances: During special occasions or festivals, Xihua Park hosts cultural performances and events that showcase traditional music, dance, and local arts, providing visitors with a deeper appreciation of Yunnan’s cultural heritage.
  4. Walking Paths and Recreation: The park features well-paved walking paths that wind through wooded areas and open spaces, making it popular among locals for leisurely strolls, jogging, and picnics.

Amenities and Facilities

  • Tea Houses and Cafes: Several tea houses and cafes within the park offer refreshments and traditional Yunnanese snacks, allowing visitors to unwind and enjoy the scenic surroundings.
  • Exercise Areas: Xihua Park includes exercise stations, playgrounds for children, and designated areas for tai chi and other recreational activities, catering to visitors of all ages.Xihua Park in Kunming-05


Xihua Park is easily accessible by public transportation, including buses and taxis, from various parts of Kunming. It’s a favorite destination for both tourists and locals alike seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational opportunities in the heart of the city.

Visiting Xihua Park offers a serene escape into nature and a glimpse into the cultural richness of Kunming, making it a must-see destination for anyone exploring the vibrant city of Kunming in Yunnan Province, China.

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