Xizhilian Guesthouse in Yuanyang County, Honghe

Chinese Name:元阳曦之恋客栈

English Name: Yuanyang Xizhilian Guesthouse in Yuanyang County

Add: located in Huangcaoling Village, Xinjie Town

Tele:  +86-871-63511469

Hotel Standard: 3-star Hotel

Yuanyang Xizhilian Guesthouse is located in Huangcaoling Village, Xinjie Town. It’s near Duoyishu Rice Terraces, 200m from the viewing deck, surrounded by the terraces and woods. The Guesthouse is equipped with tidy and cozy rooms with excellent lighting and exquisite view of the terraces. Besides, TV, Air-condition and wireless Wifi help to spend a comfortable night in the Guesthouse. There is 6 viewing rooms and viewing deck on the top floor which is convenient for customers to enjoy the sunrise.