Yanshan County History

Yanshan has a long history, in  the ancient times,humans has  lived in this land.

In West Han Dynasty, Eastern Yanshan belonged to Zangke prefecture, the west of Yanshan belonged to Yizhou prefecture. Nanzhao period in Tang dynasty Tonghai is the capitania.

Dali period in Song Dynasty Yanshan belonged to Weimo tribe ,Western road of Guangnan and Hami Wanhufu of Zuining  town .

In Qing dynasty Yanshan belonged to Wenshan county, Qiubei county of Guangxi,Baoning county of Guangnan ,Ami zhou of Linan. Daoguang period set Jiangna county.

In  the first year(1912AD) set Jiangna county Zuo belonged to Wenshan conunty, In 1932  set Yabshan shezhi departure .In 1935 set Yanshan county.

Novermber,30,1949 all county liberated ,After the foundation of the People’s  Republic of China Yanshan belonged to Wenshan county.April,1st ,1958 belonged to Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.1958,canceled the county system and it belonged to Wenshan county.