Yunlong County Entertainment

In Yunlong County,if you want to spend your leisure time,don’t worry, you can find the the bars and clubs easily in Yunlong County. Maybe you are not interesting in bar and clubs and do not want to watch performance,you can also go to tea house.That is a good choice.

Name:Dalishu Tea House(大栗树茶馆)


Address:Hushan Road,Yunlong County,Dali


Name:Xintiandi KTV(新天地KTV)

Address:Huanbei Road,Yunlong County,Dali


Name:Tianyihuanchang KTV(天意欢唱KTV)

Address:Huanbei Road,Yunlong County,Dali


Name:Longteng Square(龙腾广场)

Address:Around Renmin Road,Yunlong County,Dali