Entertainment in Shaxi Old Town, Dali

1.Allen`s Cafe,

Address: Sideng Square (South of the old theater stage in the town square)

2.Trail Cafe 

Address:At the northeastern edge of the town square

3.Miss Mary Wine Bar(玛丽小姐吧)

Address: 46 Sideng Street Shaxi Ancient Town, Jianchuan County 671000, China

4.Laohuaishu Café(老槐树咖啡屋)

Address: Sideng Street Shaxi Ancient Town| opposite the Xingjiao Temple, Jianchuan County 671000, China


Address: Sideng Street Shaxi Ancient Town | near the main square and , Jianchuan County 671000, China

6.Shibao Mountain Song Festival

Shibao Mountain Song Festival is a grand ethnic traditional festival known as the Valentine’s Day of northwestern Yunnan. It reflects the custom of Bai nationally intensively, symbolizes love and wisdom, and has taken shape based on the legacy of group marriage in ancient times. On the 27th to 29th day of the seventh lunar month, people from Jianchuan, Lijiang, Eryuan, Dali, Lanping and other places get together, play music and sing antiphonally. With the main content of improvisational antiphonal singing, Shibao Mountain Song Festival is a cradle and development base of Bai songs. Protecting the festival effectively will promote the development of Jianchuan’s tourism resources and the growthof tourism. Shibao Mountain Song Festival was listed as one of the national intangible heritage.