Yunnan Winter Tour: the Cheapest Time to Travel Yunnan

In the cold winter, some parts of Yunnan are still as warm as spring. More and more people choose to travel to Yunnan in winter because there is no severe cold, and with no withering grass and flowers. During this time, you can enjoy the lovely sunshine whatever around lakes, on the mountain or at the old town. Crowds of domestic tourists are much less and it is a good time to appreciate these beautiful places at your own pace. Another important reason for Yunnan winter tour is that it’s the cheapest time to travel Yunnan. But try to avoid Chinese Spring Festival when many Chinese tourists will go out to enjoy their holiday which will cause the cost rising.

1. Negotiable Prices for Transportation

Winter is the low season of Yunnan travel, so there are fewer tourists to Yunnan. Compared to the peak season, it’s much easier to book the air tickets or train tickets. Easier booking might also mean lower pric. For the foreign tourists, no matter you take the private tour or group tours, the cost of transportation will be lower than the other season. Air tickets often have a good discount, if you want to rent a car and driver to visit Yunnan, the fare for car-rental is also less than peak season. 

2. Negotiable Prices for Hotel

It is just a popular consuming psychology that most travelers would concern about the price of the tour, no matter they are rich or poor. The same money may buy different services in different seasons. Most hotels will offer their lowest possible prices which is at least 10% to 15% off of that in their high season. Especially at the popular destinations of Shangrila, Lijiang and Dali, the accommodation price is much lower than the peak season. 

3. Top Destinations to Visit Yunnan in Winter

In Yunnan, the weather in winter is good enough with bright sunshine, azure sky and less rainfall. Flowers are in full bloom, and you may feel like it is in spring not in winter. Travelling around LijiangDali and Kunming of the central Yunnan would be a great experience. Kunming is known as the “Spring City”. Every winter, black-headed gulls from Siberia fly to Kunming and settle in Green Lake and Dianchi Lake. Dali enjoys abundant sunshine which is most welcome during the winter months thanks to its high altitude. In winter, Lijiang enjoys more sunshine than other seasons. Choosing a favorable local guesthouse and having a warm sun bath on a sling chair is a perfect way to spend your holiday in Lijiang. Besides, the west and south of Yunnan are also a good destination to experience the border culture and ethnic culture of Yunnan. For more information, please read Top Destinations to Visit Yunnan in Winter.

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