Bendiwan Village of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Plan your Lijiang Ethnic Villages Tour to Lijiang? Visit Bendiwan Village of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Lijiang City, Lijiang which is one of the most fascinating ethnic villages in Lijiang. Explore the local folk ethnic culture including History, Food and Dining, Clothing, Customs and Traditions, Architecture, Festivals, Crafts, Religion, Language of local ethnic people in Bendiwan Village of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Lijiang City, Lijiang.

Bendiwan Village of Tiger Leaping Gorge(虎跳峡本地湾村)

Bendiwan village(本地湾村) is located in the middle of the Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking route, In the font of Haba and face to Yulong. It is also the only way which must be passed of the famous ancient tea horse road in ancient times. There are more than 270 residents and 70 households live in here, mainly Han nationality. There shows the unique characteristics of cultural and customs because of the customs of Han, Tivetan and Naxi natiobality interact and integrate with each other here. There have superior tourism resources which attract domestic and foreign tourists , such as watching Haba snow mountain, Yulong Snow Mountain, hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge, experiencing characteristic Inn and characteristic of culture and customs, etc.
There is also a mineral industry dominated by metal mining industry, which provides countless jobs and improves the living standards of villagers. At the same time, it is rich in corn, pumpkins and other special agricultural products. It is the best choice for traveling because of It’s warm all the year round, climate adapted and beautiful scenery.