Shenyang – Lijiang Flights

As being approximately 3,800 kilometers from Lijiang(丽江), Shenyang(沈阳)is famous for its palaces, as well as industrial scenery.
What is different between them is, that, Shenyang(沈阳)is much more modernized, while Lijiang(丽江)is famous for its ancient scenery.
However, the one similarity between them is water, as you can experience water-related scenery in both of the cities.
This article is about the flights departing from Shenyang(沈阳) and arriving at Lijiang(丽江).
Due to the fact that such flights may include multiple transfer, the actual time of arrival may vary.

Shenyang – Lijiang Flights

Everyday, there will be around 5 flights departing from Taoxian Airport (桃仙机场), and the schedule is listed as follows:
(NOTE: Direct Flights will be Marked as Black, while Flights with Transfer and Stopover will be Marked as Red)


Flight No. Time of Departure Duration Ticket Price (Economy)
JD5811 09:35 6 hr 35 mins CNY 480 (80% OFF)


Flight No. Time of Departure Duration Ticket Price (Economy)
JD5222-JD5654 06:25 7 hr 35 mins  Shijiazhuang CNY 650 (80% OFF)
TV9889-JD5746 11:20 10 hr 25 mins  Zhengzhou CNY 775 (80% OFF)
3U8254-CA4451 20:35 11 hr 25 mins  Shijiazhuang-Chengdu CNY 837 (70% OFF)
PN6314-PN6445 23:20 13 hr 35 mins  Zhengzhou CNY 720 (80% OFF)

Address of Taoxian Airport(桃仙机场): Jichang Road, Taoxian County, Hunnan District, Shenyang City

Jinan – Lijiang Flights



Flight No. Time of Departure Duration Ticket Price (Economy)
JD5245-DR5306 08:00 7 hrs  Hefei CNY 469 (88% OFF)
JD5245-ZH9720 08:00 15 hr 25 mins  Hefei CNY 465 (89% OFF)
MU9719-FM9185 09:15 9 hr 35 mins  Shanghai CNY 6,320 (Business-Full Price)
ZH8608-ZH9710 12:15 9 hr 35 mins Hefei CNY 570 (85% OFF)
ZH8608-EU2714 12:15 23 hr 55 mins  Hefei CNY 466 (88% OFF)
JD5812 13:20 6 hrs  Lanzhou CNY 795 (75% OFF)
JD5773-ZH9710 14:50 7 hrs  Hefei CNY 710 (82% OFF)
8L9823-MU2545 19:10 16 hr 25 mins  Wuhan-Yancheng CNY 1,037 (72% OFF)

Address of Lijiang San’yi Airport (三义机场):
Qi’he Town, Gu’cheng District, Li’jiang City, Yunnan Province
This airport can be reached by taking City Bus No. 27 (CNY 3) and Airport Express (CNY 20), and the taxi fare from downtown area is around CNY 82 (according to the Chinese Uber, Didi). The expected time of arrival will be around 35 mins. For your information, the Airport Express departs from Domestic Arrivals (Gate 3), and terminates at Min’hang Lan’tian Hotel (downtown).

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