Best Places to Visit Nujiang

The full name is  Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, and it Situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture neighbors Lijiang City, Diqing and Dali prefectures in the east. It is also bordered by Tibet in the north and shares a boundary of nearly 450 kilometers (280 miles) with Burma in the west.  The following is best places to visit in Nujiang prefecture.

1. Nujiang River Grand Canyon

Here live Lisu minority, Nu minority, Drung minority and Pumi minority etc. They are industrious and brave, bold and vigorous, created the unique way of life and national characteristics of culture. Their costumes, singing and dancing, festival activities, the form of marriage, living customs, religious activities, such as unique and charm characteristics, constitute a harmonious canyon graffiti.

2. Stone Moon

North along the Nujiang River, a hundred miles away, you can see this cave with white clouds and blue sky, which means the stone moon. Everyone who sees it wants to get close to it. However, it seems to be a place for the brave. Here the mountain is steep, the road is rugged, the climate is changeable, and one cannot reach the summit without courage and perseverance.

3. The Dulongjiang River

Dulongjiang Canyon is recognized by experts as the “Museum of Wild Plant Nature” and is one of the regions with the most complete preservation of primitive ecology in China. Dulongjiang Gorge is a little-known corner. The snow-capped mountains stretch here, the canyons are steep and steep, and the Gaoligong Mountain on the east coast shields the passage to the outside world.

4. Bingzhongluo Scenic Area

People who have been  Bingzhongluo Scenic Area all say that this is a paradise where people and gods live together, where many religions merge and many nationalities live together. When you enter here and walk along the ancient tea-horse road for thousands of years, you will be intoxicated in this beautiful rural scenery when you see the surging Nujiang River, tall and beautiful churches, quiet and peaceful cottages in fields, dense primeval forests and majestic snow-capped mountains.

5. The First Bend of Nujiang River

The First Bay of Nujiang River is the representative beautiful scenery of Nujiang Prefecture. The rapids are magnificent and the natural scenery is charming. It has been praised as “the last secret land of Yunnan”. Standing on the Nujiang River, you are always touched. Walking is more like suddenly knowing yourself again.

6.Three Parallel Rivers Natural Reserve

Three Parallel Rivers Natural Reserve is one of the regions with the richest biological species in the world. At the same time, the region is also home to 16 ethnic groups. It is a rare region in the world where multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious beliefs and customs coexist. The beautiful and magical natural landscape makes the region the only and unique wonder of the world.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!