Camp 1 at 4800 Meters of Haba Snow Mountain in Shangri-La, Diqing

About Haba Snow Mountain

Haba Snow Mountain is a mountain rising above the northwest side of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China. It rises opposite the higher Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and towers 3,500 metres above the upper reaches of the Yangtze River(Jinsha River). The summit of the mountain is a popular destination for amateur mountaineers and its lowest slopes are crossed by the popular Tiger Leaping Gorge trail. Its massif is considered the southernmost extent of the expansive Shaluli Mountains, themselves a component range of the Hengduan Mountains.

About Camp 1 of Haba Snow Mountain

Camp 1 is located just before the 2nd grey slab at about 4800m. Usually people did not stay there but from what you could observe it seems quite uncomfortable due to the very rocky and uneven surface. A small pond nearby provides water.