Dianhong Black Tea Expert—SU XIANGYU

Su Xiangyu – Inheritor of Yunnan Black Tea Intangible Cultural Heritage Craft, Chief Engineer of Yunnan Black Tea Group

Mr. Su Xiangyu inherits the refined processing techniques of Yunnan Black Tea, meticulously overseeing each stage from raw material inspection and storage aging to screening, refining, final aroma enhancement, and sterilization. The refined processing of Yunnan Black Tea involves sorting raw tea according to the quality requirements of various grades, determining the blending ratio of raw materials based on quality standards, and processing according to specified technical standards. This process includes primary, garden, and light grading to achieve the desired refined quality.

To meet the refined processing objectives, Su Xiangyu focuses on key operations such as shaping tea leaves, removing impurities, adjusting quality, controlling moisture, and enhancing aroma. His commitment is to provide consumers with healthy and high-quality tea, ensuring excellence from the tea garden to the teacup.