Deqin County Travel Tips

Located  in the northwest of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, it has abundant tourism resources, including natural sceneries, Tibetan culture, minority culture and so on. In order to obtain a better travel experience, we will give you some advice for reference.

Best Time to Visit Deqin

The best time to visit Deqin is from March to May and June to August. In the former three months from March to May, you can enjoy the view in Spring, such as the lakes, meadows, pastures, and flowers. The sceneries are too beautiful to describe in words. You can feel the different beauty in person. In the latter three months from June to August, in the summer, you can go boating on the lake or enjoy the lake and mountains along the plank road alongside the cliffs.

Useful Numbers

  1. Tourist Compliant: 0887-8412748
  2. Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
  3. Weather Forecast: 121
  4. Tourism Information Inquiry: 0887-8412748
  5. Deqin County Coach Station:0887-8413322


Because Deqin is a small place, there is no Bank of China. If you have any money exchange needs, please exchange it in Banks of China in Diqing.

Post Office

Deqin County Post Office Sales Department: No. 42, Nanping Street, Adunzi Community, Deqin County 
Post Office in Yunling Town: Nearby Yunling Town Government, Deqin County
●Deqin County Post Office Sales Department: No. 42, Nanping Street, Shengping Town, Deqin County


●Deqin Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital: No. 54, Central Street, Adunzi Community, Deqin Community
●Deqin People's Hospital: No. 96, Nanping Street, Deqin County

Dressing Tips

It's recommended to bring coat, down jacket, gloves, and anti-skid shoes. Because of the dry weather and strong UV radiation, ladies had better prepare sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses. Every June to September, it is the rainy season of Shangri-La. After October, tourists should prepare enough warm clothes.

Other Trips

Due to the special geographic position, the most of inhabitants are Tibetans, they mostly believe in Buddhism. So We must follow the necessary etiquette and make detailed preparations before departure.