Yulong County Administrative Divisions

By 2014, Yulong county had jurisdiction over 16 townships (towns), 97 villages, 5 neighborhoods and 913 groups of villagers. The government sits in Huangshan Town.

16 townships (towns): Huangshan Town(黄山镇), Shigu Town(石鼓镇), Judian Town(巨甸镇), Baisha Town, Shitou Bai Township(石头白族乡), Liming Lisu Township(黎明傈僳族乡), Jiuhe Bai Township(九河白族乡), Lashi Township(拉市乡), Taian Township(太安乡), Longpan Township(龙蟠乡), Ludian Township(鲁甸乡), Tacheng Township(塔城乡), Daju Township(大具乡), Baoshan Township(宝山), Fengke Township(奉科乡), Mingyin Township(鸣音乡).