Shangbala Tibetan Culture Museum in Shangri-La, Diqing

Brief Introduction

Costing RMB 1 billion, Shangbala Tibetan Culture Museum is a new attraction in Diqing Prefecture and a landmark building in Shangri-la city. It’s worth a visit where you can have an intuitive understanding of Tibetan culture in a short time. It is located in the Tancheng Square, the center of Shangri-la city and covers an area of 22 mu, with 11 floors in the center building, about 60 meters high. The building area is 2,5131 square meters. Its top is a tower golden roof with distinctive features of traditional Tibetan architecture.


The reception area is on the first and second floor of the Shangbala Tibetan Culture Museum. The main hallow hall above the third floor is dedicated to the Shilun Vajra Buddha, and the sides of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th are exhibition halls, 20 rooms in total. Above the seventh floor there stands Shilun Vajra stereoscopic Mandala, as well as study center, scripture library, treasure pavilion, etc. The whole building is filled with the splendid Tibetan cultural atmosphere.


Shangbala Tibetan Culture Museum is magnificent in appearance. It is designed according to the concept of round sky and square earth, with the content of Tibetan Buddhism and national culture. It is the largest and highest Tibetan landmark building in Diqing prefecture at present, and the decorative painting uses pure natural mineral pigments and natural coatings. The eight-story Shilun Mandala and the 20.5-meter-high Shilun Buddha are both listed in the Guinness book of world records. The golden-made Mandala is the largest one in the world, shinning and amazing. And the Shilun Buddha is the tallest Buddha in the world.


The Shangbala Tibetan Culture Museum is an important platform for carrying forward and publicizing Tibetan culture, as well as an important window for helping people to understand Tibetan area and love it. It focuses on the in-depth exploration and display of the cultural connotation of “Shangbala” in the Tibetan culture. It has the main functions of research and protection of cultural relics, display and exhibition, and promotion of education, which strives to present the harmonious and beautiful “Shangbala” land through multiple means, such as cultural relic exhibition, film and television broadcast, singing and dancing performance, interactive communication and cultural discussion, in an effort to create the world’s Shangbala cultural experience.