Docynia Festival of Nuozhadu Town in Lancang County, Puer

Docynia Festival of Nuozhadu Town in Lancang County, Pu’er

Chinese Name: 澜沧县糯扎渡镇多依果节
English Name: Docynia Festival of Nuozhadu Town in Lancang County, Pu’er
Location: Nuozhadu Town, Lancang County, Pu’er, Yunnan Province
Date: December 3rd


The Docynia Festival, also known as the Doiye Festival, is an annual celebration held in Nuozhadu Town, Lancang County, Pu’er. The festival is dedicated to the Doiye fruit, a unique and sour local fruit. The event celebrates the fruit and promotes the local economy and culture.


Doiye, also known as Yiye, sour apples, sour pawpaw, and Zhaizi, is a special fruit found in the southwest of Yunnan Province. It has transformed from a wild fruit into a celebrated product and a brand for Nuozhadu and Lincang. The festival is a platform for the Nuozhadu Town Doiye Fruit Industry Association to develop the economy, boost fruit farmers’ sales, and promote the region.

Since its inception in 2012, the festival has become an important event, attracting tourists from various places and providing a window into the local culture of Nuozhadu. The festival helps to enhance the recognition and reputation of the Doiye fruit and Nuozhadu Town.


The festival features a variety of activities centered around the Doiye fruit, including:

  • Traditional Activities: These include peeling, pounding, and eating Doiye fruit competitions, as well as contests to win the title of “Yiye King.”
  • New Additions: The festival has incorporated events such as the “Yiye Cup” gyroscope competition, bag-dropping performances, mountain song duets, and other recreational activities.
  • Evening Performances: The festival also includes an evening of cultural performances organized by the Nuozhadu Town Yiye Fruit Industry Association, featuring literature, art, and the Sanjiao Song联欢.

Economic Impact

The festival plays a crucial role in the economic development of Nuozhadu Town. The Doiye Fruit Industry Association has initiated large-scale planting and grafting of Doiye, aiming to make it a significant industry for local fruit farmers. The festival helps to promote these efforts and support the economic growth of the area.

Cultural Importance

The festival not only promotes the Doiye fruit but also serves as a cultural event, preserving and showcasing traditional practices and enhancing community bonds. It provides an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to enjoy and appreciate the unique culture and traditions of Nuozhadu Town.

Join the Docynia Festival on December 3rd to experience the sour and sweet flavors of Doiye fruit, enjoy cultural performances, and participate in a variety of fun activities.