What to Prepare and Equipments for Shangrila Haba Snow Mountain Climbing

If you want to say the most popular 5,000-meter snow mountain in China, it is undoubtedly the Haba Snow Mountain. Every year, more than 1,000 people climb the mountain, and there is a growing trend. Haba snow mountain has become one of the most ideal snow mountain climbing routes for the beginners due to its mature routes, low technical difficulty, slow snow slope, few crevasses and no avalanche risk. November and December are the best months for climbing because of the low wind.

Equipments prepared by Yunnan Exploration
Professional ice axe,
Safety Belt,
road ropes
camp equipment will be prapared by us.

Recommended Itinerary for Haba Snow Mountain Climbing

Haba Snow Mountain is the best mountain for climbing tours in Yunnan with an elevation of 5396 meters in the summit. Haba Snow Mountain allows you to experience the typical process of climbing a snow mountain. It is not a hard climbing route. Some people do it in 5 days, some in 4 days. If you are short on time, then this amount of time might be your only option. But if you really want to take your time and appreciate every moment of the trekking, we recommend doing it over 5 days, especially if you want to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in Haba Snow Mountain. 

5 Days Haba Snow Mountain Climbing Tour

For 5 days Haba Snow Mountain climbing tour, you will have one more day for adapting high altitude from Base Camp to Base Camp 1. If you often go to high altitude areas and want to have a try to reach the summit of a mountain at 5396 meters, please don’t hesitate to join our snow mountain climbing tour. And usually, before the climbing tour, you will experience the the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge first on the way.

  • Day 1: Haba Village(you can see the whole scenic spot of Tiger Leaping Gorge)- Bianxin Village( you can enjoy idyllic scenery of Shangri-La)- Haba Snow Mountain Scenic Spot- Haba Village
  • Day 2: Haba Village- Yi Minority Village (2,800 meters) (original religion, original living structure, original life style)- Sheep’s Shed(3,100 meters) (pasture)- Lanhua Ping(3,500 meters) (you can see the peak of Haba Snow Mountain and see the primeval forest)- Rhododendra Forest(3,900 meters) ( you can see various of mountain rhododendra in this place where is named the second Jiuzhaigou)- Bay Sea(4,200 meters high, you can view plateau lake there) or you can stay at Lanhua Ping.
  • Day 3: Bay Sea- Yellow Sea- Small Sea- Base camp(4,100m)
  • Day 4: Reach the top of Haba snow mountain and then return to Haba village, or you can stay at the Base Camp and return Haba Village the second day.
  • Day 5: Go back to Lijiang or Shangri-la.

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What to Pack for Haba Snow Mountain Climbing

Since you are going to climb the mountain, mountaineering equipment is indispensable. If you don’t have your own climbing equipment, you can rent it there. You are supposed to have suitable waterproof shoes and clothes, warm gloves, hat, couple a pair of socks, sunscreen, lip balm, and take mobile power bank and hiking stick. Sleeping bag is very useful, especially if you visit during winter. More details, as follows: 

  • A suit of winter jacket and pants(GORE-TEX fabric, windproof, waterproof, breathability, wearproof), fleece jackets(proof wind and keep warm), long underwear(absorb sweat and dry);
  • Quick-dry pants(Optional, it is used on the way to base camp); 
  • Down jacket and pants(be standby for climbing to the summit and defend the cold at base camp); 
  • Gaiters(Bring your own, or you can rent from the guide on Haba Snow Mountain);
  • Snow glasses(Bring your own, or you can rent from the guide on Haba Snow Mountain). Please note that nearsighted people should wear glasses with frames;
  • Gloves(Bring your own, or you can rent from the guide on Haba Snow Mountain). The gloves should be fleeced, warm and water-proof; 
  • Head lamp with battery(Bring your own, or you can rent from the guide on Haba Snow Mountain);
  • High-top waterproof hiking shoes and socks;
  • Sleeping bag(it is essential for camping route);
  • Backpacks(50 liters and 20 liters);
  • 1 liter of vacuum cup;
  • Food and snacks like chocolate, energy gel, raisin, beef jerky

Note: It should be emphasized that the gloves should be double-layered, the socks must be thick, the hiking shoes should be bigger, and the backpacks should be at least 20 liters.

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