Erzhang Village of Nanuo Town in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi

Why is Erzhang Village So Special?

Erzhang Village, located in Pig Street(Zhujie猪街) village committee of Nanuo Township, Yuanjiang County, has a long history. It was listed as the fourth batch of traditional Chinese villages in 2016. Going along the village’s only way into the village, you can see the entire village quietly “lying” in the Castle Peak, and haunts the smell of primitive nature, as if forgotten by the world. What’s even more amazing is that this is a traditional village characterized by Han nationality.

Where is Erzhang Village?

Erzhang(二掌) is a village with the administration of Zhujie(Pig Street) Village Committee in Nanuo Township(那诺乡), Yuanjiang County(元江县), Yuxi City, Yunnan, covering an area of 6.71 square kilometers. It is suitable for planting crops. The village terrain is west high and east low, south and east are surrounded by a large area of forest, west and north are surrounded by a large area of farmland, the surrounding landscapes environment is better. 

Feature of Erzhang Village

The tea culture of Erzhang Village has a long history. Zhujie(Pig Street) tea is the local specialty of Zhujie Village Committee in Nanuo Township, Yuanjiang County.

Spring March, at the pig street tea mountain, tea farmers are busy with picking spring tea. The pig street has been the key point of the ancient tea horse road since ancient times, especially the pig street tea grows in the Ailao mountain around 1800 meters above sea level. There is no industrial pollution for nearly a hundred miles around. The cold air of Ailao Mountain and the moist and hot air flow of Red River Valley blend here, the cloud and mist are wreathed all the year round, which is very favorable to the growth of tea and has brought up the best quality of the Pig Street Tea. At present, the planting area of pig street tea is more than 30 hectares.

In the early years of the Republic of China, Pig Street Tea took part in the provincial “Saibao Conference(赛宝大会)” and won the Golden Prize, and Pig Street Tea was also quite famous in Kunming. In the early period of liberation, Yunnan tea department was established. In order to develop Yunnan tea, to select improved varieties and to collect the original database of breeding, the tea production area of Pig Street was listed as one of the key investigation areas of tea in Yunnan Province.

Nearby Attractions

1. Ailao Rice Terraces in Yuanjiang County元江哀牢梯田

The Yuanjiang Ailao rice terraces are mainly concentrated in Yangjie Township(羊街乡) and Nanuo Township(那诺乡), among which Nanuo rice terrace is the most spectacular.

2. Nanuo Market那诺集市

Nanuo is famous for its Sea of Cloud of terraces and Hani culture in central Yunnan. Nanuo market is on the even-numbered days(双日), at that time, there are many Hani people, young and old, but more women. There are exchanges of various items, such as chicken and duck, farm goods, mountain products, meat, vegetables, sugar cane, piglets and department stores, as well as dyed fabrics and colorful ethnic ornaments.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Erzhang Village(二掌村) all the year round. 

How to Get There

If you want to go to Erzhang Village(二掌村) of Nanuo Township(那诺乡), you should go to Yuanjiang County of Yuxi first. When you are there in Yuanjiang county(元江县), you can choose to take regular bus or minibus from Yuanjiang county to Nanuo Township, it takes about 2 hours.

Accommodation Around Erzhang Village

You can stay overnight in Nanuo Township(那诺乡), or go back to Yuanjiang County for accommodation. Accommodation in Yuanjiang County is relatively good. 

Useful Travel Tips

1. The road to Erzhang Village is not so good, especially on the rainy days.

2. With large temperature difference between daytime and night, it is easy to develop a cold, therefore, you are suggested to bring coats and some cold medicine.