Guangnan Confucius Temple in Wenshan

Why is Guangnan Confucius Temple So Special?

Guangnan Confucius Temple广南文庙 was built in 1709(the 48th year of Kangxi period康熙年间 in Qing Dynasty) as a place for worshiping Confucius in Guangnan County. It is located in Chengnan Street城南街 of Guangnan County, covering an area of more than 9,000 square kilometers. It is the largest Confucian temple in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. In 1794(the 59th year of Qianlong period乾隆年间 in Qing Dynasty), Lianfeng Academy莲峰书院 was set up here. Later, Guangnan No.1 Middle School, the highest educational institution of Guangnan County, was founded here and has been used ever since. There are many flowers and trees in the temple, the environment is quiet and the strong cultural atmosphere makes people feel respectful. In May 1985, Guangnan Confucius Temple was listed as the Wenshan Prefecture cultural relic protection unit.

Features of Guangnan Confucius Temple

Guangnan Confucius Temple in Wenshan

Guangnan County广南县 has a long history and is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in Yunnan province. Guangnan Confucius Temple is one of the best-preserved ancient architectural complexes in Guangnan County, located in Guangnan No.1 Middle School, Wenhua Road文化路, Guangnan County. The temple was built in 1709 and has a history of more than 300 years. After the Yongzheng雍正, Qianlong乾隆 and Daoguang道光 emperors’ expansion, the temple reached an area of more than 9,000 square meters, a total of five courtyards, and is the largest temple in Guangnan County. Dacheng hall大成殿 as the main body, there are sacrificial utensil room祭器室, the temple of local respectable dead persons乡贤祠, ward room官厅, Lingxing gate stone memorial archway棂星门石坊, Panchi pool泮池 and so on. Hallow Temple崇圣祠 is behind Dacheng hall, and on the right of Dacheng hall, there are Minglun hall明伦堂, Lianfeng academy莲峰书院, Jiexiao ancestral hall节孝祠 and other palaces. Dacheng Hall, Dacheng gate大成门 and Panchi pool are well-preserved now, Lingxing gate stone memorial archway still stand there. Other ancient architectures have been pulled down or reconstructed.

Nearby Attractions

1. Babao Scenic Area八宝风景区

Babao provincial level scenic area is located in the southeast of Guangnan County, Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture, 160 kilometers away from Wenshan. The Babao scenic area is dominated by peaks cluster, peak forests and karst waterfalls. It is composed of four sections, including Babao, river, Tangna cave汤纳溶洞 and Sanla waterfall三腊瀑布, with a total area of 68 square kilometers.

2. Bamei Scenic Area坝美景区

Bamei village of Bamei Town, Guangnan County is surrounded by mountains. Because of its unique karst landforms, caves, rivers and villages, people in and out of the village must sail through the cave. The land in front of the village is flat and open and behind the house there are green bamboos, which are similar to the Jin Dynasty litterateur Tao Yuanming陶渊明 described the Peach Blossom Spring桃花源, so it is called “The Last Xanadu”. People at Bamei are dominated by Zhuang people. Taoyuan Cave桃源洞 and Tangna Karst Cave汤纳溶洞 are the entrance and exit of Bamei Village.

How to Get There

Guangnan Confucius Temple is located in the county seat of Guangnan County. Transportation there is relatively convenient.

1. By Long-distance Bus

Long-distance route is Kunming-Wenshan-Guangnan, you need to transfer in Wenshan. 

Kunming East Bus Station-Wenshan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 7:20-20:10

Price: 126 or 117 or 140 CNY

Distance: 317 kilometers

Consume Time: 4-4.5 hours

Wenshan Bus Terminal-Guangnan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 6:20-17:40

Price: 47 CNY

Distance: 178 kilometers

Consume Time: 2.5-3 hours

Tips: The price and time are for reference only, specific with actual condition. More prices and departure time, you can ask for details at bus terminals.

2. By Railway

Now, train is more convenient and faster than long-distance bus from Kunming to Guangnan County. 

Kunming Station-Guangnan County Station

Departure Time: 10:36, 12:00, 12:19, 13:35, 13:52, 17:12

Price: 119.5 CNY

Distance: 424 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Kunming South Station-Guangnan County Station

Departure Time: 7:30-17:40

Price: 109 CNY

Distance: 417 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Best Time to Visit

Guangnan Confucius Temple visit is mainly indoor activities, so you can visit there all the year round. 

Accommodation in Guangnan County

You can stay overnight in the county seat of Guangnan County.

1. Guangnan Babaogong Hotel广南八宝贡酒店

Address: Close to Guangnan Bus Terminal, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山自治州广南县广南汽车客运站附近

Tel: 0876-5155999

Starting Price: 352 CNY

2. Guangnan TeAnNa Hotel广南特安呐酒店

Address: No.255, Beining Road, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山壮族苗族自治州广南县北宁路255号

Tel: 0876-5151299

Starting Price: 260 CNY

3. Xanadu(Shiwai Taoyuan) Hotel世外桃源大酒店

Address: No.18, Babao Road, Nanxiu Community, Liancheng Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山州广南县莲城镇南秀社区八宝路18号

Tel: 0876-5619999

Starting Price: 350 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. Learn something about Confucian culture in advance.

2. In summer, the weather in Guangnan county is rainy, remember to bring rain gear. In winter, the temperature difference is large between daytime and night, please bring coats to keep warm and prevent a cold.

Tours including Bamei Village in Guangnan County

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