Guzhou Wild Forest in Xinping County, Yuxi

Why is Guzhou Wild Forest So Special?

Xinping is located at the eastern foot of Ailao Mountain, which is rich in tourism resources, with the characteristics of natural scenery “Grand, Beautiful, Precipitous”. Guzhou wild forest has more than 300 species of higher plants, and so far has 700 years of original forest history. The altitude is between 1870 and 2550 meters above sea level. The ancient forest is characterized by high humidity, high deciduous layer and high coverage, with a coverage rate of more than 90%.

Guzhou wild forest is a kind of feng-shui forest, which is closer to the town than the same altitude area and has a larger continuous area. It is a famous original forest scenic spot with intact mixed coniferous broad leaved forest. There are dense forests, huge ancient trees, thick mosses and old vines in the scenic area. Go along the winding stone steps, it’s like walking on a different land from the outside world.

Where is Guzhou Wild Forest?

The famous Guzhou Wild Forest is located in Xinhua Village of Xinhua Township, Northwest of Xinping County, 30 km from the county seat. Xinhua新化, called Ta Lang Dian他郎甸 in Song Dynasty and Xinhua Prefecture新化州 in Ming Dynasty, is the ancient political, economic, cultural center of Xinping, also known as Guzhou古州.

Features of Guzhou Wild Forest

Guzhou wild forest is an epitome of the Ailao Mountain original forest ecological resources. There are dense forests, huge ancient trees, thick mosses and old vines in the scenic area. The whole scenic area is divided into three parts by nature: broad-leaved forest, coniferous forest and ancient rattan forest. The most amazing is the ancient rattan forest area, in which climbing plants are particularly rich, there are nearly 100 kinds of climbing plants, including dragon blood rattan, beauty rattan and so on. Diameter of thick Vines is more than 50 cm, 50-60 meters long, while thin vines are as thin as hair. There are thousands of acres of meadow on the top of Liuzu Mountain六祖山 at the Guzhou wild forest, and below the meadow are shrubs, including rhododendron, camellia, orchids and other plants, flowers are in bloom from March to May.

Nearby Attraction

Ailao Mountain Nature Reserve哀牢山自然保护区

Ailao mountain, with an area of 50,660 hectares, is located at the junction of the five counties in Yunnan province, including Xinping County. Established in 1986 with the approval of the people’s government of Yunnan province, and promoted to national level in 1988, the main protected objects are evergreen broad-leaved forest and wildlife.

Guzhou Wild Forest in Xinping County

Best Time to Visit

Different seasons have different scenery at Guzhou Wild Forest of Xinping County. From March to May, various flowers, such as Azalea and Camellia, are all in bloom. Guzhou Wild Forest is beautiful and is full of vigor.

How to Get there

There are 6 non-stop buses a day from Kunming to Xinping County. Then another 1 hour drive needs to spend from Xinping county to Guzhou Wild Forest.

Kunming-Xinping County

Departure Time: 8:30, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:10, 16:30

Ticket Price: 73 CNY

Distance: About 180 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Accommodation Around Guzhou Wild Forest

You can get accommodation and taste local specialties at Xinhua Township of Xinping County新平县新化乡. Or you can also go back to county seat of Xinping county for accommodation.

1. Shiguang Xiaozhu(Golden Time) Hotel新平时光小筑酒店

Address: Jiasa Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道

Tel: 18887730188

Starting Price: 115 CNY

2. Xinping Shihao Hotel新平世豪大酒店

Address: Shihao Shopping Mall, Gucheng Subdistrict, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪市新平县古城街道世豪大商城

Tel: 0877-7612222

Starting Price: 185 CNY

3. Xinping Qinhuai Chateau新平琴淮酒庄

Address: Xinping Avenue, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪市新平县新平大道

Tel: 0877-7019688

Starting Price: 134 CNY

Guzhou Wild Forest in Xinping County

Useful Travel Tips

1. Understand the general situation of Xinhua Guzhou Wild Forest Scenic area in advance, if you are traveling with the tour group, the tour guide will explain the cultural geography of Xinhua Guzhou Wild Forest Scenic area.

2. The road to Guzhou wild forest is better, but there are many curves. Drivers should drive carefully.

3. There are rare animals like wild boar, pangolin, muntjac. You’d better go along with other people, pay attention to safety.

4. Every year, on March 18, local people celebrate “Carnival of Men男人狂欢节”, tourists can enjoy the local folk customs.

5. In the mountainous area, temperature difference is large between morning and evening, you are supposed to bring coat to prevent a cold. Besides, during sunny days, ultraviolet ray is strong, sun cream and other sunscreen products are needed.