Haidenghui Festival of Qingsuo Village in Dali

Chinese Name: 海灯会
English Name: Haidenghui Festival
Date: 15th July each year(Lunar Calendar)

Haideng Festival is the biggest tradition prevailing in Qingsuo Village, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan. It’s names as “Haideng” Festival because the village lies on the lakeside of Erhai, a famous lake in Dali. On lunar 15th July each year, the Bai residences gather around Qingsuo Bridge to celebrate the festival. You will find colorful worship ornamentations hanging on the bridge. The elders will recite prayers and burn incense for praying favourable climatic weathers and an abundant harvest, yearning the ancestors and expiate the sins of the dead. In the evening, it comes to the climax, the sincere people will light up and put the light on the river, making wishes. What a wonderful picture with thousands of flaring light floating down the river.