How to Get to Baoshan City (Longyang District) from Dali City

Longyang District is easily reachable since being the government seat of Baoshan City. Baoshan city is well-known for Gaili Gongshan Mountain, and the Gaoli Gongshan Mountain birding tour attracts a lot of visitors there. It borders Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture and Lincang City in the east, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in the north and Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in the west. It is about 180 kilometers from Dali City

How to Get to Baoshan City (Longyang District) from Dali City

You have two ways to get to Baoshan City(Longyang District) from Dali City, by long-distance bus and by flight.

1. By Long-distance Bus

Longyang District has two main bus stations connecting with the main cities in Yunnan Province: Baoshan Bus Station and Baoshan South Bus Station. Tourists can take the long-distance bus from Dali Xingsheng Bus Station and Dali Ancient City Bus Station, and the journey will take about 2.5-4 hours. Check more information about Baoshan Travel Guide.

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Long-distance Bus Timetable

Departs Departure Station Duration Price
8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 Dali Xingsheng Bus Station 2h32m 82 CNY
9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 13:30, 14:20, 15:00, 15:20, 16:00, 16;30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:30, 19:40, 20:30 Dali Xingsheng Bus Station 2h32m 77 CNY
8:00, 9:50, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 Dali Ancient City Bus Station 3h 77 CNY

Tips: The price and time are for reference only, specific with actual condition. More prices and departure time, you can ask for details at bus terminals.

a. Dali Xingsheng Bus Station大理兴盛汽车客运站
Address: Nearby National Road 320, Dali City, Dali大理白族自治州大理市320国道附近

b. Dali Ancient City Passenger Coach Station大理古城旅游汽车客运站
Address: In the Middle of Shuanghe Road, South Gate of Dali Ancient Town, Dali City, Dali大理白族自治州大理市大理古城南门双鹤路中段
Tel: 0872-3186111

c. Baoshan Bus Station保山汽车客运站
Address: The Crossroad of Ruihang Expressway and Baoxiu East Road, Longyang District, Boashan保山市隆阳区杭瑞高速和保岫东路交汇处
Tel: 0875-2122761

d. Baoshan South Bus Station保山汽车客运南站
Address: Yongchang Road, Longyang District, Baoshan保山市隆阳区永昌路
Tel: 0875-2224902

2. By Tour Bus

Sanguan Square(三馆广场) is located in No.6, Yongchang Cultural Park, Longyang District, Baoshan(保山市隆阳区永昌文化园6号). There are travel line buses to Sanguan Square from Dali Railway Station and Dali Ancient Town.

Point of Departure Departure Time Point of Arrival  Duration Price
Dali Railway Station 8:50, 10:50, 12:50, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:20, 20:00 Sanguan Square 2h 105 CNY
Dali Ancient Town 9:50, 11:50 Sanguan Square 2h 105 CNY

3. By Chartered Bus

In Yunnan, you can see many chartered buses and minibuses outside the scenic spots, railway station, airport and bus station. Because there are a lot of people in these places. Like taxi, chartered bus and minibus are more convenient and flexible. Accordingly, you will spend more money.

4. By Air

Dali Airport and Baoshan Yunrui Airport(保山云瑞机场) are two important airports in Yunnan Province. However, although Baoshan City has an airport, there are no direct flights from Dali to Baoshan. If you want to take plane, you have to transfer in Kunming.

1. Dali Airport大理机场
Address: Jichang Road, Dali City, Dali大理白族自治州大理市机场路
Tel: 0872-2428955

2. Baoshan Yunrui Airport保山云瑞机场
Address: Yunrui Street, Longyang District, Baoshan保山市隆阳区云瑞街
Tel: 0875-2232266 

Dali-Baoshan Airline Timetable(transfer in Kunming)

Flight Number Airlines  Departs Arrives Transfer Stay
China East Line 18:40 23:15 Kunming 2h25

China East Line and Lucky Air

10:15 14:10 Kunming 1h40m

It costs more time and spends more money, coupled with there are no direct flights, taking flight is not recommended.